VW Passat Coupe

VW Passat Coupe that is in conjunction with the convertible the latest vehicle category within the multi-million selling bestseller from Wolfsburg production. Like other corporations to Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi extends the VW Passat Coupe, the supply of available new cars, which sought to stylize VW Passat Coupe cars. The stylishly designed coupe will be produced without a B-pillar and aims to close the gap below the VW Passat CC. Thus, the two-door car with a very dynamic appearance arouses the emotions of new car buyers who want a stylish coupe. Motor side attacks the VW Passat Coupe back on the engines of the current series. So are several petrol and diesel engines available for the coupe, which cover a range 122-300 hp. The optional extras available in the VW Passat Coupe will also be implemented from the work shelf and also the all-wheel drive 4MOTION is the beautiful coupe in the top engine available from the factory.