Lada Samara

Developed in collaboration with Porsche, which ran from 1984 Lada Samara from the tape. The model possessed the first car of the Russian automobile manufacturer on front-wheel drive and was built in numerous versions. Thus in 1985 the Samara a 4x4 all-wheel drive version available, as published nearly parallel to the Samara T3 designed as a rally car and the saloon Samara Sedan on the market. Two years later, the model range was expanded again, now on the versions led LADA Samara EVA 16V with turbocharger, the Cabrio - pickup model Bohemia as well as a panel van variant in the program. In 1995 the Samara was replaced by the more modern LADA 2110. A car like the LADA Samara you will find at this web site for one low price.