Tesla Roadster Sport

Hardly celebrate the California electric carmaker Tesla in 2009, reaching the profitability that comes with the Tesla Roadster Sport, an evolution of the Tesla roadster on the market, which should work even more efficiently and thereby promises better performance. In addition to the drive, the interior and the interior of the Tesla Roadster Sport underwent a revision and have been pimped sense. The Tesla Roadster Sport is now offering weight-optimized carbon applications and instead of the gear selector lever in aluminum a rotary selector switch "a la " to BMW, through which the electric motor can be controlled. Also on storage space for travel in the electric car Tesla Roadster Sport was designed so there is now a glove compartment and space for small items in a sports car. New is a gimmick in the central monitor the center console that continuously informs the driver how much fuel is saved during the trips. An improvement in the Tesla Roadster Spor is also the electric motor represents : By optimizing the handcrafted stator (rotor of the motor) it takes the unit to a multi of 40 hp, so the sprint to 100 km / h in 3 now for 8 seconds can be achieved.