Ruf eRUF

The RUF eRUF is a sports car that is similar to the Tesla Roadster powered solely by electricity, and driven by the force of an electric motor. In cooperation with the German company Siemens, the new RUF eRUF was assembled based on a Porsche 911 cars. For reasons waxed the body shape of the RUF Roadster was chosen so abundant mass could be saved. Named as Greenster RUF eRUF by two electric motors with a total of 250 kW (340 bhp) power and to bring the sports car within 5 seconds to 100th The maximum speed of the electric car should be at about 250 km / hr after factory specifications. The installed capacity of the lithium-ion batteries in the RUF eRUF loves to just under 37 kW / h, allowing the electrically powered sports car an effective radius of approximately 200 to 250 kilometers. The flow of power to the drive axles allows automatic two-speed transmission. To bring the Porsche RUF eRUF back to full charge capacity to pass a 380 volt outlet about 2 hours using a standard 230 volt outlet, this interval extended for about 1.5 hours.