Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is a sedan manufacturer Tesla Motors in the U.S. and an electric car like the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Peugeot iOn and Opel Ampera. As a manufacturer of electric vehicles, the Tesla Model S is the second car of the fledgling company from Silicon Valley in California. Starting in 2011, the Tesla Model S is now also carry families with a purely electric drive on the roads and have a square opposite the debut model Tesla Roadster, five people and has an extended range of 480 km have. In addition, the Tesla Model S has two trunks, since the electric motor requires much less space than an internal combustion engine in the vehicle. The comfort of the Tesla Model S sedan will be based on the classic middle class, such as BMW 3 Series, the Opel Insignia or the Mercedes Benz C-Class. The shape of the Tesla Model S is somewhat reminiscent of a mixture of Porsche Panamera and Ford Mondeo. In the purchase of the Tesla Model S will cost around 42,000 euros, but will by the power of electricity only 5 euros to be shelled out for a full tank and battery charge. Emissions are not expected at the Tesla Model S due to the electric motor, so certainly not a big car tax is payable.