Artega SE

The Artega SE (Sports Electric SE) ​​is a two-seat sports car that is powered solely by an electric motor. Since the year 2012, the Artega SE courting new cars to buyers that you choose automobile in terms of the environment, and provides an adequate competitor for the Tesla Roadster or alternatives for compact cars of the caliber of Mitsubishi i-MiEV and small cars like the smart ed. Conceptually, the Artega SE builds on the GT sports car manufacturer offers a classic sports car with mid-engine concept. Only the empty weight falls through the built-in rechargeable batteries, a change in braking system with regenerative braking (regenerative braking) with 1400 kg, contrary to the GT with 1285 kg, higher. The driver is informed of a newly designed multi-function cockpit on speed, load capacity and many other displays on the status of the Artega SE. The electric car will reach its full capacity of a quick charge in 90 minutes and provide up to 300 km range. Work on the drivetrain two electric motors that the Artega SE certify a remarkable output of 380 hp and accelerate the sports car to well over 200 km / h.