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Every third Audi will in the future drive, electric,

Ingolstadt, 9. May 2018 Yesterday, Audi dropped a (supposed) diesel cheating, today, a message comes to the electrical plans from Ingolstadt. Audi aims to compensate for a negative message with a positive...

Everything you need to know about the new VW Touareg

Hamburg, 23. March 2018 The new Touareg next to me is still covered with a large cloth. Many people already know what he looks like, because Volkswagen's advertising at the end of last year, when the official...

This Lagonda wedge could start in 2021

Geneva, 6. March 2018 Lagonda, that was ... that's right, the luxury brand of luxury manufacturer Aston Martin. Long time no hear. Apart from the extremely limited 2015 Lagonda sedan, the there were never...

Jaguar I-Pace: All The Info

Graz (Austria), 1. March 2018 The hunt for Tesla is opened: as good as all the Premium brands bring in the next few years electric cars on the market that will provide you with the Products of Elon Musk...

Tesla Roadster sailing in All

Merritt Island (USA), 7. February 2018 It is really happening. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX has tested the most powerful rocket in the recent past successfully. Yesterday at 15: 45 local time...

Hyundai's first electric SUV

Offenbach, 7. February 2018 The Hyundai Kona was the first purely electrically powered SUV. So proud of Hyundai announced the electrification of the Kona and forgets, ignores or conceals, the Tesla Model...

A Premium SUV with modern operation on the CES 2018

Santa Clara (USA), 3. January 2018 The new brand Byton puts on the biggest electronics fair in the world, CES (Consumer Electronics Show, 9. to 12. January 2018, in Las Vegas), a new electric car. The...

Nio ES8: China-E-SUV with removable battery

Beijing, 19. December 2017 Already in April 2017, the Chinese E-car-Startup Nio its new SUV ES8 at the Shanghai Auto Show. Only now, however, the manufacturer comes with the complete package of news, data...

Tesla unveils new Roadster

Palo Alto (USA), 17. November 2017 Big Surprise: Tesla boss Elon Musk has unveiled a new model with two doors and without a roof. Yes, the Roadster is back, and even if it is currently only a design study...

Tesla Semi: Power-Tractor

Palo Alto (USA), 17. November 2017 The production of the Tesla Model 3 does not start as hoped, and the quality of the vehicle in the criticism. However, Tesla Boss Elon Musk throws, as a result, the towel...