Smart roadster

The two-seater smart roadster had to be booked on first glance, with a production period of only three years (2003 to 2005) a brief success. But exactly the opposite is the case, as several companies vying for a license since 2005 and would like to revive the smart roadster again under another name. With a curb weight of less than 800 pounds, the smart roadster and the smart roadster coupe convertible very easily. Insofar as the engine reaches with 0.7-liter engine (61 hp or 82 hp) from perfect, the roadster to accelerate quickly and bring with 10.9 seconds to 100th The smart roadster is equipped as standard with ESP, ABS and two airbags. In addition to a two-piece, removable plastic roof, which can be stored and transported in the rear trunk, is an electric folding top to select for the smart roadster. In addition to the basic models produced some smart special models like the smart roadster blue wave edition (500 pieces), MTV smart roadster (200) or the smart roadster collectors edition (50 pieces).