New diesel, some makeup

Frankfurt, 25 February 2016

For almost six years, Alfa Giulietta compact beauty dwells now among us. And because when the loaned the big plans once again move all a little backwards, she must have indeed, still a little. As she get down with persevere, you can see themselves at the Geneva Auto Show in 2016 (March 3 to 13). We tell you everything about the Giulietta facelift but like right now.

Discreetly refreshed

This principle applies: the model care keep within limits. For the optics, there's a new fascia, a new grille, slightly modified headlamps and the newly designed logo. According to Alfa, Giulietta is thus approaching in the new brand Messiah Giulia, we expect after some back and forth now against end of 2016. Who look quite closely recognizes a whole bunch of Giulietta and a rather tiny bunch of Giulia probably remains, but this is not bad at the Giulietta-design. In the course of the facelift it decided also, to tighten the trim levels of its compact. Currently five lines you made just three: Giulietta, Giulietta Super and Giulietta Veloce. There the four packages business, comfort and vision Veloce.

QV falls away

The Veloce is the top model with 240 HP reserved strong 1.75-liter turbo, can all other engine variants but Veloce at least visually parity with the package with their red rimmed sports aprons, the leather Alcantara half seats, Brembo brakes and a sport exhaust system. Should you wonder what happened to the Quadrifoglio Verde (the top version was said so far): the legendary label must be only the pure-bred performance models like the 510 PS strong Giulia QV on the rever PIN.

New combination

In terms of engines, 2016 as well as everything remains in the Giulietta. A new variation of drive has succeeded but under Julchens hood. The 1.6-litre diesel with 120 HP and 320 Newton meter is to have now with TCT double clutch. So it goes in 10.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, the maximum speed is 195 km/h and consumption 3.9 litres the average should be. The gasoline engine with 120, 150, 170 and 240 HP, as well as the 150 to 175 HP. diesel are still available Everything about 170 PS Series is the double clutch.

More connectivity

Inside, the Giulietta facelift focuses on new seat covers and modified panels. In addition, the UConnect Infotainment system receives a few chic new connectivity and social media features. As UConnect LIVE, it offers among other things access to streaming services or the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. Who orders UConnect LIVE in the larger 6.5-inch variant, optional get a navigation system with 3D and voice control. The prices for the lifted Giulietta has not announced Alfa Romeo. (black & white)