Lancia Ypsilon, BMW Z4 and Mini Clubman flop

Brussels (Belgium ), December 2, 2015

The crash experts EuroNCAP have again examined 15 vehicles to crash safety. The results are a bit disappointing. Not because so many cars were flunked, rather the opposite: Eleven of the 15 received the maximum rating of five stars. Boring? Maybe, but good for the drivers, because with these models he is on the safe side. The situation is different with the other four. Two received four stars, another even just two.

New Mini Clubman disappointed

Most new cars in this test run were given the full number of stars. This applies to the new versions of the BMW X1, Lexus RX, Jaguar XF, Opel Astra, Kia Sportage and Optima and Renault M├ęgane. The completely new models Renault Talisman ( the Laguna 's successor ), Jaguar XE and Infiniti Q30 ( identical to the Mercedes A-Class ) got five stars. Interestingly, it is in the other four. Nissan Navara and Mini Clubman received only four stars. What perhaps concerns at the pick-up Navara, is for the Mini already a disgrace.

In last place: Lancia Ypsilon

But it's even worse. Only three stars awarded the BMW Z4. He has long been on the market and received in 2013 the last facelift. In the new methodology crash he can no longer convince, also because emergency braking, lane departure warning and lane change assistant is missing. Even worse, it is to the Lancia Ypsilon, which is also already perceived eternities on the market. Why EuroNCAP this " scrap " still testing, remains secret of experts. Anyway disappointed the Ypsilon in important areas such as occupant protection and assistance systems. " Security-conscious customers find nowadays better models in this segment ", say the EuroNCAP experts . ( sl )