First contact with the range-King

Frankfurt am Main, 8 November 2016

It remains difficult: in this country still does not really get electric cars despite environmental bonus. Too big, the concerns of motorists, without electricity are to stay or to pay significantly higher prices for comparable combustion models are invoked. An electric vehicle could change now. The Opel Ampera-e comes beginning 2017 on the market and offers the largest range in the segment. Drive we could not him but still, but we know how he feels in the stand, anyway.

Design: Typical Opel

Believed Carsten Aengenheyster, the Chief Designer of the Ampera e, so the new E-Opel already at the first glance on the electric car front should be visible: "we have kept very small to show the Grill: this is no incinerator". In fact is likely to be the compact Stromer after its launch early 2017 but inconspicuous in the street scene insert, as also his brothers Adam, Astra and co. do. Is the design goal that was missed? Under no circumstances. Where electric cars are so far still partially very futuristic designed remember Zoe only BMW i3, Renault or the Tesla model X is the Ampera e a step towards the normalization of the electric vehicles. Generally, the typical of the current model range Opel design language carries the Ampera e. We already know the "flying roof" by ASTRA and Adam. No world novelty is also the SUV rental at the bottom and the front with the two Opel sickles. "It was important to us, that the Ampera e authentic and independent acts", so Aengenheyster continue. "The large window surfaces and the Beefy look can work the car larger than it actually is with its 4.17 meters."

Battery packs and deep focus

Before we address the Interior of the Ampera e, we take a look at the technical structure of the car. The 60-kWh battery were completely stowed in the subsoil and are surrounded by a cage, which should bring a great advantage both of crash safety and torsional rigidity. By the low centre of gravity Opel expects an agile driving experience, without having to lay out the suspension unnecessarily hard. Also may be waived by the compact design in a center tunnel. So, five passengers and 381 litres luggage in the Ampera-e place find eleven litres more than the Opel Astra, which is 20 centimetres longer Karosserie are.

The Ampera e-204 HP

The performance data of the Ampera e can be also. 150 power kW equivalent so 204 HP Opel from the batteries. The torque of 360 nm can be the new Stromer in this car Quartet category very close to move the Astra OPC. "3.2 seconds from standstill to pace 50: this is already crunchy." And also the 0-100 time of 7.2 seconds lies in the region of the Corsa OPC"is happy the senior development engineer Rainer streams at the presentation. "Driving a car should be but fun. Electric cars may not be boring." We are curious to see whether the Ampera e can redeem this promise. The conditions seem not bad.

500 km range

The most important argument in the purchasing decisions of electric cars is still the range. There Opel presents neatly with the Ampera e: 500 kilometers to the new according to the NEDC standard with one battery load create. Dr. Ralf Hannappel, cable management Director at Opel, is convinced of his project: "I even by car from London at the London Motor Show in Paris drove. These are 417 km. And in the end, I had enough power for 80 more. Our car is not ├ľkomobil and not a car, you can use it like a glow every day". And also the consumer concerns regarding the charging network density, could have settled soon. The Federal Ministry of transport and digital infrastructure has announced to set up 400 fast charging stations along the main highways by end next year in cooperation with the motorway service area operator "Tank & Rast". In addition, the Federal Government wants to install 5,000 rapid charge, as well as 10,000 more charging options of public facilities such as gas stations, shopping and sports centres, car-sharing stations, railway and airports and exhibition centres until the year 2020 as a whole.

Simple and functional: The cockpit

Let's see now also us the Ampera-e from the inside. In the first series take driver and passenger on comfortable and quite soft sitting space. Through the non-existent central tunnel, the cockpit with his floating dashboard is very open and spacious. The shelves below the center console would be very handy. However the material which used Opel except on the dashboard and the shelves on the door panels, is not very high quality. Hard plastic surfaces in a probably about 30,000 euro expensive car? Since we would like some more attention to detail. The riding position is fine, free views of instruments and Navi screen. All knobs and buttons are easy to reach, the cockpit will shine in everyday life through its simple functionality. The gear selection lever lies well in the hand.

Plenty of room in the rear

In the Fund up to three passengers space for. The seat is slightly higher than the two front seats, you feel like in a movie theater. A major plus of the Ampera-e is the space of the rear seats. Even with 1.90 metres and very long legs is enough space on all sides, upwards. The USB connections between the front seats are likely to enjoy all Smartphone or Tablet user. The headroom surprised, seems the Ampera-e from the outside but more like a great small car, as like a small SUV.

The price remains open

Remains only to clarify how expensive Opel pay for the top position in the ranges Poker will settle. A small starting point is the US price of the related Chevrolet bolt. He should be under 37,500 dollars, so almost 33,400 euros. In the United States, there are equivalent up to 7,500 euro electric premium in Germany 4,000 euros depending on the State. It could land the Ampera e at 30,000 euros. In comparison, the cheapest BMW i3 with significantly lower battery capacity euros 30.950 after deduction of premiums. Cable Management Director Dr. Ralf Hannappel parat has only a short statement: "We will make it affordable". We are looking forward. (mf)