Driving Report - Seat Leon Cupra 280 Sporty model student

Sporty model student

He is the most powerful production SEAT ever. Above all, sprints up to 280 PS Leon Cupra developing either as a coupe or as a compact five-door in its class all rivals on and away. A Spanish fun and sports provider that also is moreover yet surprisingly suitable for everyday use.

In Greek mythology, Leon was a lion-strong fighter in the war between giants and gods. But while the antique Leon was killed, is the same name Seat all rivals wrestle, which could succeed as a compact power athletes with Cupra identifier and impressive performance to him at least. These offer the Spaniards in the Leon Cupra reprint from 8 March for the first time in two body versions: So there is the Iberian Golf offshoot than 4.27 meters long five-door and three-door coupe than four inches shorter. For quick propulsion each provides a new 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine, which develops 195 kW/265 hp as before in the basic version. However, Fresh service provider is the " Cupra 280 " with 206 kW/280 hp. Prices start at € 30 810 for the Cupra Coupé and 32,110 Euros for the Cupra 280 coupe. In each case 500 euros extra costs of the sportiest seat five-door. Thus, the Leon Cupra moved in the middle of the competition field to the models include as Opel Astra OPC, Ford Focus ST, Renault Mégane RS and Volvo V40 T5, but also the somewhat weaker Wolfsburg gene donors Golf GTI and the 20 hp stronger and correspondingly more expensive VW Golf R.

Anticipation of Leon moves in its PS-League for the standard sprint from standstill to 100: As Cupra SC 280 with optional dual-clutch transmission for 5.7 seconds and meet him as a six-speed manual switch it needs only 5.8 seconds. In contrast, the Vmax is braked as with almost all compact racers to 250 km / hr. Who can take it slow, could even fight with the Cupra SC 280 to a Cup of Spritknauserer: 6.4 liters fuel consumption for the automatic version and 6.6 liters for the manual switches consume 1.5 liters less than the thirstiest opponents. Is it gas, the Cupra but begrudge like any other substantially higher values ​​. Even otherwise, the strongest Leon is no nakedness in everyday talent. Seat Leon, the menu, although with plenty of salsa sharpened, but consciously avoids the Cupra 280 show off as wild rider. So proclaim no spoilers orgies by the forces of a bad boy, there are only subtle references to the fire under the hood. These include a modified front end with large air intakes, the indicated diffuser and a roof spoiler. Through the latter, as well as eye-catching 19-inch wheels, the 280-hp Cupra also differentiated by the 15 PS weaker base version.

Under the sheet metal working is not a self-evident in this performance class standard front-axle differential lock on the hunt around curves and bends. In addition, an adaptive chassis control system that managed the balancing act between the struggle for seconds brilliantly on circular courses and ordinary comfort pothole routes or long motorway stretches. This means that the seat sat on our test drives exemplary in scene. Hardly a trembling of the body with bumps or irregularities, instead sensitively responsive spring - damper units. These well-insulated rolling and driving noises, which the acoustic fun at the pithy-sounding symphony of sound from the engine and exhaust benefits. Especially when the driving program " Cupra " was selected and amplified while the interior LEDs spread a sound machine the sound of the turbos fiery red ambient lighting.

Surprising also offers the seat Landscape in Seat. Front there is enough lateral support, if it is but once, he looks with racing suit and helmet for a new Nordschleife record time. On the other hand, there is no lack of passable long-distance comfort for men in suits. In the rear of Leon is one of even the largest compact. Both five-door as well as a three-door coupe in the respective competitive environment it offers a surprising amount of headroom, ample leg room, and a great sense of space through lush glass surfaces. No miracle of space, but still average, the luggage compartments of the Cupra siblings, only the height of the sill and the stage in the load compartment floor interfere with backrest folded down.

© SeatDie Prices start at € 30 810 for the Cupra Coupé and 32,110 Euros for the Cupra 280 coupe.   Back to the core disciplines of a sports car. The turbo engine in the Leon Cupra 280 speaks sensitively and spontaneously as in the Golf GTI. Above all, he impresses with 350 Nm of torque in the extra wide band 1750-5600 tours. One of the best front-wheel drive of the Cupra also counts in steering precision, neutrality and feedback. Thanks to a steering with progressive ratio suffice in hairpins or in circles in tight parking spaces smaller steering movements. Full Racer is the Cupra - for the Seat in years with well-stocked war chest hosted their own championships and now announces after all customer sport programs - when it comes to the shutdown of the ESP as on the race track. By pressing a button can only turn off the traction control and then in a second stage the whole system. But even without these arming it is hard not to succumb to the addictive nature of Seat. The reason for this is obvious: sign up competitors like the Ford Focus ST primarily as wild joker, the Seat is more the sporty model pupil in the lower middle class. The motor pushes and turns like no other, the car still sticks but on the asphalt. And not only in curves shows the differential lock effective action. These delayed until al dente, the braking system and easy to dose.

In short, bring As a compact sport coupe or hot hatchback, the new Cupra versions of the Seat Leon tempo and temperament to everyday life, without serious deficiencies in practical talents.

Seat Leon Cupra - Specifications:

Five-door, five-seat hatchback sedan (Leon ) or three-door, five-seat coupe (Leon SC) in the compact class with front-wheel drive, length: 4.27 (Coupe: 4.24 ) meters, width: 1.82 (Coupe: 1.81 ) meters, height: 1.43 (Coupe: 1.42 ) meters wheelbase: 2.63 (Coupe: 2.60) meters, the trunk volume: 341-1166 (Coupe: 380-1150 ) liters


Leon Cupra and Leon Cupra SC with 2.0 - liter TSI petrol engine, 6-speed manual transmission (optional 6-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox), 195 kW/265 hp, max. Torque: 350 Nm at 1750-5300 r / min, Cupra 0-100 km / h: 6.0 ( DSG: 5.9 ), SC Cupra 0-100 km / h: 5.9 ( DSG: 5, 8) 's Vmax: 250 km / h ( electronically limited ), fuel consumption Leon: 6.6 ( DSG: 6.6 ) liters per 100 km, consumption Leon Cupra SC: 6.6 ( 6.4 ) liters per 100 km, CO2 emissions: 155 ( with DSG: 155) g / km CO2 emissions Leon SC 154 ( with DSG: 149 ) g / km, efficiency class: ns, price Leon Cupra SC from: 30 810 ( with DSG: from 32,510 ) EUR, Price Leon Cupra from 31 310 ( with DSG: from 33,010 ) EUR.

Leon Cupra 280 and Leon Cupra SC 280 with 2.0 - liter TSI petrol engine, 6-speed manual transmission (optional DSG dual-clutch ), 206 kW/280 hp, max. Torque: 350 Nm at 1750-5600 r / min 0-100 km / h: 5.9 ( DSG: 5.8 ) s, SC 5.8 and 5.7, Vmax: 250 km / h ( limited), Leon consumption: 6.6 ( DSG: 6.6 ) liters per 100 km, consumption Leon Cupra SC: 6.6 ( 6.4 ) l/100 km CO2 emissions: 155 ( with DSG: 155) g / km CO2 emissions Leon SC 154 ( with DSG: 149 ) g / km, efficiency class: ns, price Leon Cupra SC 280 from: 32,110 ( with DSG: from 33,810 ) euros, price Leon Cupra 280 from 32,610 ( with DSG: from 34 310 ) Euros.

For all but the fast road are like do not want a GTI, the Seat Leon Cupra could be more than just an alternative.