This is how you open an Audi e-tron when the battery is empty

There seems to be a secret key for it

You dutifully charge your Audi e-tron before you go on holiday. You can charge it while you enjoy the Spanish sun for a few weeks. When you return you expect a full battery, but it turns out: the electric Audi no longer responds to anything. Previously we discussed why you should not leave your electric car on the charger. Now we will tell you how to open an Audi e-tron when the battery is empty.

We have to thank the Canadian Audi branch in Kitchener-Waterloo for that. An employee of the Audi store named Steve Nolan explains in the video below how to open an Audi e-tron when the battery is empty. We would like to advise Nolan to memorize the lyrics for the next video. You don't have to pay very close attention to Nolan to figure out what we mean.

For example, the e-tron opens when the battery is empty

The secret to opening your Audi e-tron when its battery is empty is in the key. On the side without the buttons for the central locking you will find a button at the top. Press this button and pull the black part of the key. If all goes well, the house will now come loose from the rest of the key. Don't worry, you didn't tamper with the key.

What remains of the silver part is the secret key. Then take a good look at the door handle of your e-tron. At the bottom you will find a small, square hole in the cap to the right of the lever. In this hole you push the key with the ribbed side towards you. Again, don't panic, the cap that is now coming loose should do that. Now you will find the secret of the cap: an extra keyhole.

Here you put the same key in and turn it towards you. Insert the key into this hole and turn it towards you. Then say 'simsalabim, e-tron open now' and pull the lever. Now you could pull up the driver's door. Still handy from Audi. If only they had been smart enough to place the tool to open the frunkā€¦