Environmentalists protest against expansion of German Tesla factory

Conservationists apparently don't want any more Teslas on the road

A special development in the Grünheide district of Berlin. There, environmental association Grüne Liga and local residents form a pact against the expansion of a Tesla factory. You would say that environmentalists would applaud EV companies like Tesla, but not so. Why don't environmentalists want a bigger Tesla factory in Berlin?

Musk's Gigafactory has been active for a year and a half now. The goal was to build half a million cars per year. This goal has not yet been achieved. Yet the ambition is doubled with one million cars per year. Tesla wants to build a larger factory for this. Local residents and environmental protectionists are against this. Tesla is organizing a hearing today to clarify its plans, but the environmental association has already announced that it will not attend.

Why environmentalists don't want a bigger Tesla factory

Conservationists and citizens fear the impact on the water in the area, writes the German newspaper Welt. The Tesla factory is partly located in a water protection area. During the expansion, Tesla would drive 81,000 concrete piles into the ground to prepare 500,000 square meters for the additional factory site. This would cause problems for the flow of the water, opponents believe.

Tesla says that this is not too bad and that 81,000 poles will be the maximum number. In addition, the larger Tesla factory will not result in more water use, the car brand promises. Tesla expects to encounter no hurdles and simply start the expansions when the plans are approved. To be continued…