Toyota uses new yoke as 'motorcycle steering wheel' and removes pedals

You accelerate and brake with your hands

Car interiors will change drastically in the coming years. Because once self-driving cars are available, things like pedals and a steering wheel will no longer be necessary. Before that happens, Toyota will first make the driver's footwell pedal-free. With the new concept of the yoke, Toyota uses levers on the handlebars for accelerating and braking, just like on a motorcycle.

Toyota calls the new yoke steering wheel the 'Neo steering wheel'. If there is ever a commercial with the new yoke, Toyota will have to hire Keanu Reeves for it. Either way, the smaller steering wheel should provide better visibility and more space for the driver's feet. The steering wheel should also encourage a greater love for cars.

By removing the pedals, Toyota says there is room for 'unlimited driving positions' and making it easier to get in and out. We wonder to what extent your uncle is happy with your interpretation of 'unlimited driving positions'. A good development: this steering wheel allows people who, for whatever reason, cannot use foot pedals, to drive a car.

Even more Toyota concepts

The special Toyota steering wheel is one of the developments that the brand is showing at the Japan car fair. The brand also presents a study model for an electric Land Cruiser. This EV seats seven people and has a wheelbase of 3 meters. There is also an electric pick-up called EPU that looks like it was made for surf dudes.

Rules at the beach: a pick-up with a surfboard on the roof may park in multiple spaces | Photo: © Toyota

Toyota also shows an electric bicycle with three wheels and an electric wheelchair. As a crowning achievement, the brand presents the Space mobility, a kind of off-road lunar lander that can also easily participate in the Dakar Rally on Earth. Each wheel has its own electric motor that allows it to climb hills of 25 degrees. The same technology also comes in the Baby Lunar Cruiser.