Woman steals bus from postal worker, forgets to fasten seat belt and is thrown from bus

The door of the delivery van that is almost always open appears to have an additional function

In the world we live in now, you really only need two types of people: the parcel deliverer and the food deliverer. That is why it is vital that no one comes up with the idea of getting in through the open door of a delivery van and driving away. It happened in Grand Rapid, America, where a woman steals a van from a postal worker. Fortunately, she puts an end to the escape attempt herself.

The entire escape attempt takes less than twenty seconds from the moment the bus drives away until it comes to a stop. By the way, we see a guy standing through a doorway and watching when the woman wants to drive away. It's also special that he doesn't do anything. Ultimately, it is the woman's recklessness that ensures that the stolen bus comes to a standstill again.

For whatever reason, the woman jerks violently on the steering wheel. The zigzagging in combination with not wearing a seat belt causes the woman to lose her balance and be thrown out through the doorway of the bus. According to local broadcaster WZZM 13, the woman risks a prison sentence of up to five years. No, not a major news event, but it looks hilarious. See for yourself.