Ford gives British company permission to build its own electric Mustang Fastback

Charge Cars may hand-make an electric Fastback for 'several years'

Charge Cars – a tech company based near London's Heathrow Airport – has been given a free pass to revive the 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback. Instead of purchasing the carriages and panels from Ford or another party, the company can do the work itself. Charge Cars calls the new Fastback, the '67. Unfortunately, no V8 with more than 300 hp, but a quartet of electric motors.

The four electric motors provide 543 hp and 1,500 Nm. Enough, we think. The EV also gets a tailor-made suspension, light carbon fiber components and modern assistance systems such as ABS, torque vectoring and traction control, the latter of which will not be unimportant with so much power and torque.

The batteries of the electric Ford Mustang Fastback are located halfway along the wheelbase for a better center of gravity. The battery pack provides a range of 322 kilometers. Charge Cars promises 'the highest standards in safety and vehicle dynamics'. “We believe the '67 is a whole new class of EV,” says company founder Vadim Shagaleev. According to him, the electric Ford Mustang Fastback is an 'uncompromising, zero-emission, classic icon'.

Price of the electric Ford Mustang Fastback from Charge Cars

The British company makes 499 copies of the '67. Every car can be completely customized to your own taste. Customers can choose from different colors, materials and details. Of course, extras and special colors will increase the price. And that price in itself is not low. Charge Cars is asking £350,000 for the EV, which is approximately €400,000. Maybe look at the second-hand market for a real Fastback?