TWR (of the Jaguar XJ220 and the Aston Martin DB7) will start building its own cars again

TWR also worked on the Clio V6 and racing versions of the Mazda RX-7 and the Volvo 850 Estate

Tom Walkinshaw has a CV in the car world that doesn't fit on an A4 page. His company TWR (Tom Walkinshaw Racing) contributed to the great Jaguar XJR-11, bought the Arrows F1 team and signed the newly crowned world champion Damon Hill and TWR won several times at Le Mans. In addition, TWR had a lot of influence in building great road cars such as the Jaguar XJ220 and XJ220S. A legendary brand that is being breathed new life into today.

TWR's laundry list of über-cool cars goes on: the Renault Clio V6, Aston Martin DB7, Jaguar ugly duckling). Sadly, Thomas Walkinshaw passed away in 2010 from complications due to cancer. Son Fergus is now building on his father's legacy by building cars again under the TWR name.

TWR continues as before

In the press release, TWR promises to build 'custom-made cars' but also to work with market leaders to 'maximize the potential of our products'. The reborn company is still somewhat secretive about the new car. Very little can be gleaned from the teaser below. On the lyrical level, TWR does release some things.

This is the side view of the rear right wheel arch, we think | Photo: © TWR

“In a rapidly changing landscape where so many modern performance cars are dominated by electronic systems, TWR aims to protect and perfect the analog driving experience,” the brand says. Sounds like 'boo electric motors, long life combustion engines', but difficult to formulate. And indeed: after a question from Top Gear Netherlands, TWR confirms that the first model will have a combustion engine.

TWR does not yet want to reveal exactly what kind of engine it will be. The brand has not yet announced when we will see the first real images of the new TWR. TWR does promise to share the images with us 'soon'. Then some details about the car follow. Ultimately, TWR's cars should be a balance of 'performance, style, functionality and quality'. We are curious.