A magnificent car for Putin

Moscow (Russia), 23. April 2018

As head of state, dictator, king, Chancellor, or President, one needs have always been the right set of wheels. Representative of the car to be extremely safe and, if possible, from domestic production. Similarly, Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks, rather than as in the past, in a Stretch limousine, Mercedes chauffeured, calls Putin a local luxury liner. No sooner said than done: Soon, the new state is ready to coach.

ZIL: V8-tank for the squad

Let's take a look: The Soviet leadership gondelte in ZIL limousines from the Likhachev factory, a truck manufacturer in Moscow, by communism. The last ZIL was from 1978, the American-inspired 4104 with up to 6,33 meters in length, and drunken four-carburetor-V8, it is also the first Russian head of state Boris Yeltsin took advantage of. In 2012, Vladimir Putin is the prototype of a modernized ZIL called 4112R has been demonstrated. But the car fell through smooth, also because he müffelte stylistically, too much like 1970s.

Premiere already at the beginning of may in 2018?

As a result the Russian Authorities were instructed to construct from scratch a new VIP Limousine. Motto: What do Rolls-Royce, Maybach and co., we can also! The Russian Minister of industry Denis Manturov has now betrayed the newspaper "Russia Today", that the self-developed state carriage for the first time in the context of Putin's swearing in the President on August 7. May 2018 shown publicly. Already at the end of April the yet nameless car is to be delivered to final acceptance by Putin to the Kremlin. It is said that the Russian number One was heavily involved in the project and Often even prototypes tested.

Technical support of Porsche

In the view you must certainly benefit from the future Limousine of US President by Donald Trump, the called yet the Cadillac ("The Beast") of his predecessor. As in the case of vehicles of the highest heads of state is customary, does not penetrate, for safety reasons, many Details to the Public. Putin's armored car to have a Porsche co-developed 4.6-Liter V8 with a Turbo, 600 HP and 881 Newton meters of torque. On top of that, Russia has developed nine-speed automatic. In addition to Porsche, Bosch, incidentally, is involved in the "Cortege"project.

Further versions are in planning

Other Extras of the other state bodies, such as the U.S. presidential limousine. There is an outside-independent supply of oxygen, your own blood armour canned and a centimeter thick. The latter can even withstand a direct hit from a rocket launcher. Around 119 million US dollars to date in the development flowed, in addition to the top state limousine for Putin, it is to give normal versions as well as Van and SUV derivatives. These vehicles, first go to the ministries and security agencies, before 2019, each solvent may be Interesting to access.(rh)