Cadillac XT4 may V-version

Cadillac adds to his youngest cross-over may be a sporty V - or V-Sport version. This is evident from an image in the hands has been given.

Earlier this year, presented by Cadillac are XT4 during the New York International Auto Show. The XT4 is a Cadillac completely new model. The relatively compact cross-over can be seen as the small brother of the SRX successor XT5. From a picture on the internet rondzwerft, is that the 4,6 better long XT4 may also be in V - or V-Sport trim is presented.

Cadillac outlines the back of a seemingly thick decorated XT4. The car has one visible and bulky exhaust pipe, but the other one seems just to be covered. On the back cover is even a V-emblem visible. If Cadillac actually with a knalharde XT4-V, or a milder XT4 V-Sport, which variant, probably a more powerful version of the 240 hp blown 2.0 four cylinder. Also, it is not inconceivable that Cadillac of a larger four-cylinder, the 2.7 litre large copy from the Silverado, in the nose of the sportier XT4-versions depends Once on the market, the car will be located here to defend against models such as the Jaguar E-Pace, the BMW X2, and Volvo XC40.