American retrofitting

Los Angeles ( USA ), 20 November 2014

To the General Motors brand Cadillac, it has become quite silent in Germany. When did you last seen one on the road? Even dealers are rare: Only ten ( over the course of 2015 it will be 15 ) spread across the entire country. Nevertheless, the brand survived and proved their potency recently with the introduction of the Cadillac ATS Coupe. Now the Americans have decided to retrofit: At the Los Angeles Auto Show ( 21 to 30 November 2014) the Sport version ATS - V is presented as a coupe and sedan. In the US, the car comes in spring 2015 on the market, for Germany there are no statements on the introduction.

Six instead of four cylinders

While there is the ATS with us only with a turbocharged four-cylinder, the ATS - V will forward whipped by a six-cylinder. Which is a close relative of the 3.6 - liter V6 with 325 hp, which is offered in the American ATS. But the twin turbocharging ensures the V - model for an explosive performance: 455 hp are available here. To this end an eight-speed automatic transmission comes with gearshift paddles, automatic acceleration and performance switching program. So the car accelerates in just 3.9 seconds to 100 km / h, and missed with a peak of 299 km / h, almost 300 mark. From the performance of the ATS - V forth, putting it in the league of the Mercedes - AMG GT ?? Ami whether the car can keep up even in curves, is another question.

With sports underwear

After all efforts have been made to convert the " underwear " on sports mode. So the body is supposed to be 25 percent stiffer than the normal ATS ?? whatever that means in comparison with the Mercedes sports car. The track has been widened front and rear, and both axles had stiffer anti-roll bars and stiffer springs. All this should reduce the tendency to roll significantly. Brembo brakes provide the delay, the Magnetic Ride Control damping system for the road location. The damper should now respond to 40 percent faster than before. In addition, the driver can thus choose between five different polls.

Optional data logging to Poznan

Not only in underwear, also with his other clothes, the ATS - V sets itself apart from the relatives ?? as the pubescent teenagers just do so. Most notable are the scoop on the carbon bonnet and large, fine mesh air intakes barred. Rear there is a big spoiler on the trunk edge and two double exhaust pipes. In addition, the car stands on 18-inch forged aluminum wheels-. If that is not enough, you can upgrade the exterior with a carboxylic or a track - packet. And for internet Poser there is a record for the driving data as well as for videos. So you can then shine in Facebook ?? so no one can say that motorsport is a lonely business . ( sl )