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Subaru related news

This is the new Subaru Forester

New York (USA), 29. March 2018 The new Subaru Forester will be better, where there is expect Crossover buyers to the most: the space and fuel economy. The Forester debuted recently at the New York Auto...

This is the Subaru Viziv Tourer Concept

Geneva, 7. March 2018 If you rumlungert on the car to measure at the Subaru booth, you can admire, in General, a fairly sizable and technically sophisticated study. Usually it is called something with...

Fleet car for Forza 7

Munich, 17. January 2018 Over 700 models, many well-known race tracks and great playability: For car-loving owner of a Xbox One console from Microsoft is a Must in the video game Forza Motorsport 7. Now...

This is the new Subaru Ascent

Los Angeles (USA), 29. November 2017 Tribeca. It rings a bell with you? If Yes, then you can remember, apparently, to the great and not just successful SUV from Subaru, it was in this country from 2006...

EuroNCAP: New Crash Tests

Brussels (Belgium), 29. November 2017 Whoever gets the most stars? The interested not only top chefs and luxury hotels, but also motorists who are planning a new purchase. Now a total of nine fresh vehicles...

Erlk├Ânig: The Subaru Ascent

Munich, 22. November 2017 Do you remember the Tribeca? The seven-seater and not just a successful SUV from Subaru? It was here introduced in the year 2006. However, after a moderate Facelift only a year...

Subaru WRX STi before the end of

Friedberg, 20. November 2017 The Subaru WRX STi is getting close to the finish line of his life. At least what the European market is concerned, because in the early summer of 2018, the production for...

Alpine for criminals hunting

Munich, 14. November 2017 Are you looking forward to the return of the Alpine? How do you find Renault's latest mid-engine athlete in a police Uniform? Our colleagues from France have started...

WRX STI in for Less

Tokyo (Japan), 25. October 2017 Viziv: Behind this cryptic name all of the studies, the take a later production model anticipated hide in the case of Subaru for years. The most recent addition is the Viziv...

Subaru Levorg: Fresh for 2018

Friedberg, 4. October 2017 In the first half of 2017 Subaru could bring in Germany, manageable 227 units of the Levorg to the man or the woman. Whether the latest modernization can help pay measures for...