A pinch of more power for the BRZ

Friedberg, May 30, 2016

As a sister model of the Toyota GT86 equally popular among sports riders and fans of driving dynamics, the BRZ in Germany is almost a shadow existence. With the new facelift, the athletic Japanese will provide more sales incentives than before. The most important: There is more power. Unfortunately not much. Generally, the well-known changes of the GT86-facelift be applied now also on the GT.

A touch of performance

The two-liter vacuum cleaner of the GT is associated with new valves, a new camshaft, a new cylinder head and a new intake of aluminum from 200 to 205 HP. The torque rises by 205 to 211 Newton metres. No huge leaps, however the changes are likely to be also the response conducive. The six-speed-manual transmission is overall shorter translated and should help about the motor fatigue in low rpm range.

Chassis stiffness and track Pack

The chassis at some places is reinforced for more stiffness. Also, an improved chassis Setup with new springs and dampers, as well as a larger stabilizer bar in the rear to increase the lateral dynamics. The changes cause Subaru even to rename the sport mode to ' track ' mode. Also for track fans the new "performance package" should be interesting. There brake calipers from Brembo with larger disks, Sachs dampers and black 17-Inchers are included.

Small cosmetic Spa

Visually, only minimal changes have been made the facelift. The front bumper is now wider and is fitted with LED headlights with daytime running lights. The taillights also are equipped with LED technology. The small rear spoiler that is known from the GT86 is mounted as standard on the trunk of the BRZ. In the Interior there is a redesigned leather steering wheel. The facelift should be available in autumn 2016. (mf)