Subaru Trezia

Since March 2011, the Subaru Trezia is available as a minivan. The car has four-wheel specialists at the same time with its sister model, which brought Toyota Verso S on the car market, in particular the Volkswagen Golf Plus or Opel Meriva opposed a Japanese derivative can. The Subaru Trezia as a small family van offers (total length of only 3.99 meters) can accommodate up to five people and a daily compliant boot (capacity: 363 liters), the shopping or vacation trips can do justice. In the interior of the Subaru Trezia cars dominated the functionality of a family van, everything looks tidy in the right place but also a little bland. When driving the Subaru Trezia can be ordered with two available engines as a new car, which will also be contributed by Toyota as a gasoline engine 1.33 - liter four-cylinder provides its service in the Subaru Trezia, which is 99 hp for the tunneling contributes, for the followers of a diesel engine: the 1.4-liter comprehensive common-rail diesel engine is designed with 90 hp. The minivan comes in two variants quite economical to work : According to the factory Subaru Trezia car with a diesel engine consumes around 4.3 liters, his brother with petrol in their blood according to factory specifications with approximately 5.5 liters of premium gasoline over 100 kilometers of track will be moved can.