All four-wheel-drive, or what?

Dublin (Ireland), February 23, 2017

Among us:, Which brands combine spontaneously with the topic of all-wheel drive? Determines the Audi and Subaru. But this technique plays a major role also in Suzuki, finally all wheel in the selling accounted for 2016 whopping 47 percent in Germany in the year. Reason once in the direct meeting of Ignis, SX4 S Cross and Jimny the various modes of four-wheel transportation to explore enough for us.

Three levels with Suzuki

Let's start with the essential: is distinguished between permanent all-wheel drive, in which all four wheels will get a piece of the drive torque and the selectable 4WD. Here, the drivers choose whether one or both axles are powered. In his lineup, Suzuki even distinguishes three levels of all-wheel drive.

Allgrip Auto: always or often?

At the bottom ranked "Allgrip auto": in the all-wheel versions of Ignis and swift, the system decides the force distribution. More specifically, a viscous. This compact and affordable solution consists of two sets of circular metal discs that rotate in a tough oil bath. While engine torque exclusively through the eponymous viscous liquid in the form of a silicone oil is transmitted to the rear axle. At slip on the front axle, more torque is redirected backwards. A little torque is always on the rear axle, Suzuki talks about a maximum 98-percent front-wheel drive.

Allgrip select: Manifesto

"Allgrip select' the SX4 S Cross and Vitara delivers real 100 percent. Also here is a viscous, moreover an electro-mechanical interference but. Per switch, the driver has the choice between various modes: "Auto" sent up to 50 percent of the drive torque to the rear axle, "Snow" and "Sports" there are additional power to the rear axle when starting and Acceleration, "Snow" also in curves. In addition, there are differences in the intervention of traction control. Generally, the electronics in the form of ESP and traction control plays into the mentioned types of "gentleman"-Allradantriebs.

Allgrip Pro: all-wheel drive for professionals

The "work"-Allradantrieb called "Allgrip Pro" in the Suzuki Jimny is of entirely different caliber. Here we go with a purely mechanical system without braking. As a result, More weight and more consumption, but also a significantly increased off-road capability, as demonstrating the right rustic Jimny in the Irish Highlands. Rear-wheel drive is standard, up to 100 km/h can be switched during the ride on all-wheel drive. Then, a servo motor in the transfer case provides for a rigid connection between front and rear. In the 2WD mode, there is no connection to the front axle. To have an approximate image in my head: they think of a railroad switch. Rummage through even more, there is the 4WD-Lock-Modus. You need to press it at a standstill because a free-wheel hub for the area reduction is activated. What good is it? At the 4WD-Lock-Modus the wheel speed will be halved, so you must not fear to stall the engine at creep speed in the area. At the same time to get enough torque, even if you hinaufkraxelt a mountain 10 km/h. What do we learn from this? All-wheel drive is not equal to all-wheel drive, only not at Suzuki. (rh)