Alpine for criminals hunting

Munich, 14. November 2017

Are you looking forward to the return of the Alpine? How do you find Renault's latest mid-engine athlete in a police Uniform? Our colleagues from France have started the great Photoshop machine and the result is, in our opinion, quite impressive. What is a small narrow Alpine in the friend and helper service? Do not be fooled. The Alpine and the Gendarmerie – it's a love story, which exists since 1967.

A result of a sad record

The Alpine A110 was the first, but certainly not the only Alpine of the gendarmes. In 1973, the forces of law and order were equipped with the Alpine A310 (along with the Citroën DS 21 on the Citroën SM). It was the result of an increase in the funding provided to the gendarmes in the 1970s, after France had to complain of in the year 1973, more than 12,000 Deaths on its roads. A sad record. For almost 14 years, the Alpine A310 hunted in the result of the speeding cars on French roads. Its 160-horsepower V6 had a top speed of 226 km/h. at this time there were not many cars that were faster.

In the foreseeable future in the police

In 1987, finally, the A310 was the Citroën CX Turbo, Renault 21 Turbo, and some Subaru Imprezas replaced. Since a few years, the fast guys of the highway police with the detached third-Generation of Renault Mégane R. S. on the road are makes in its final stage of expansion, 275 HP and locker 250 km/h is reached. However, the Mégane R. S. will eventually need to be replaced. The beginning of 2018 start end of the fourth Generation of the Mégane R. S. offers. The new Alpine A110 in principle. However, a staff force police was responsible for welfare in the Alpine plant in Dieppe, to explore whether it could work with the A110 for the police service. The result appears to be negative. The purchase of a new Alpine would probably be much too expensive. Especially since other, cheaper and more efficient models could meet the requirements at least as well.

New Alpine soon in the Test

Should you do not want to suffer under the coercion of public funds and like to know if the new Alpine A110 is a good deal – our first Test of the 250 HP strong Porsche-Cayman-competitor, you will read in mid-December.(sw)