Tata Nano

The Tata Nano is a small car in the Indian manufacturer Tata, surpassing by its low price of the car manufacturer's capacities to the extent that the erstproduzierten Tata Nano cars to be raffled among the purchasers. With a purchase price of about 1,500 euros, the Tata Nano is probably the cheapest production car in the world. Available initially only in India, Tata plans to export to Europe for the year 2010. Compared with a smart fortwo, Toyota iQ or Fiat 500, the Tata Nano is already a real alternative due to its price and encourage buyers to purchase more fuel-efficient car. The Tata Nano is equipped with a two-cylinder engine with 623 cc, which produces an output of 33 hp. This is the car, according to factory specifications, reach a top speed of 110 km / h, using 5 liters of petrol per 100 km. A diesel engine is an alternative with 28 hp part of the portfolio of the manufacturer. According to information of the manufacturer both variants are to meet the EURO 5 standard. Due to the low price safety devices such as ABS and airbags are not provided. Also comfort features such as air conditioning or power windows do not belong to equip a Tata Nano. Several small cars, such as the Ford Ka or a Renault Twingo can be found in various designs, as new cars, used cars or car of the year at this site, the large market for car and motorcycle.