Thus, the 4008 's successor could look like

Cologne, September 19, 2014

With the currently so popular SUVs Peugeot takes only an outsider's position. A few timid attempts with the 2008, the 4008 and the 508 RXH have it so far can not change anything. The design study Quartz lions brand now shows that you want to cultivate the segment more in future.

Peugeot's premium ambitions

In addition, Peugeot followed with the study 's premium ambitions further that the manufacturer had already made ​​clear in the spring at the Auto China 2014 study of the Exalt. " The Concept Cars Exalt and Quartz brand presented their vision of vehicles of luxury cars ," explains Peugeot brand chief maxim Picat.Der on the Mondial de l' Automobile in Paris ( October 4 to 19 2014) shown, nor serial remote Quartz has 4.50 meters but only the length of a typical compact SUV à la VW Tiguan. The study is based on the EMP2 - platform, which was developed by PSA Peugeot Citroën in the compact and mid-range. On it is based the 2013 published version of the Peugeot 308 and the Citroën C4 Picasso.

Between SUV and Coupe

The Quartz combines SUV and Coupe elements, similar to the Nissan Juke, Infiniti QX50, or the BMW X4.Die width of about two meters underlines along with the 23 - inch wheels and 31 inch wide tires sportsmanship. For technical competence are LED headlights. Like the 508, the lion logo in the center of the grille is placed. The latter shows a checkered flag pattern that changes depending on the position of the viewer. Another delicacy ?? ?? and further evidence of the series of distance study the electrically retractable running board. The discs are made of polycarbonate plastic. From the gray-black finish is bright red detailing on the air intakes and on the running boards stand out. The doors open in opposite directions, the B - pillar is eliminated.

Race Car cockpit and harnesses

Inside, there is an aligned on the driver cockpit. Like racecars several functions in the steering wheel are integrated. The instrument cluster is positioned as the 208 and 308 above the small steering wheel. The display is configurable. In addition, additional information can be reflected into the middle on a 45 degree inclined polycarbonate lens, giving a 3D effect possible. Four occupants buckle up tight with suspender belts in bucket seats.

Basalt, synthetic fibers and leather

Innovative materials were important to the designers. As basalt is used for the center console. In addition, textiles are used around the world for the first time, made ​​with a digital weaving. The polyester thread used for weaving is made from recycled plastic. But also the traditional material leather gets a job: floor, pillars and headliner are covered with black animal skins, seats with red-brown.

Plug - in hybrid system with two electric motors

For driving a plug-in hybrid system with a total output of 500 hp makes. Under the bonnet of her well-known from the RCZ R 270 PS strong working 1.6-liter turbo gasoline engine. It is combined with a six-speed automatic. In addition, the front axle is directly driven by a 85 kW ( 115 hp) electric motor. Another copy of this e - motor is responsible for the rear axle, so there is a four-wheel drive. Three modes are available: In the ZEV mode, the car travels up to 50 kilometers purely electrically. In Route mode combustion and front electric motor work together for propulsion on the front axle. In Race mode eventually engage all three engines. An air suspension provides a ground clearance between 30 and 35 centimeters. The optimum at a certain time ride height is automatically determined via optical sensors as well as the navigation system ?? So the quartz has a high-tech chassis. For Peugeot modern technology is not yet as little known as sportiness. But it is precisely in these areas, the French will have to improve if they want to raise their brand image in the premium level . ( sl )