The third generation of the Ford racer: now with all-wheel drive and 320 hp

Cologne, February 3, 2015

Since 1998 the Ford Focus to the European market from the year 2000 in the United States. Rasch was developed in Europe, three or five-door compact car to a worldwide hit. Already in 2000, the focus could win the title of best-selling cars.

First Focus RS from 2001/2002

After the first facelift in autumn 2001, then again in September 2002 the first real sports car on a Focus-based RS on the market. It had its premiere in April 2001 at the auto show AMI in Leipzig. And as it says in the former Ford press release: "In a record time of 15 months, a 70 man developed strong engineering team Ford Focus RS The agile street bikes is sustainable inspired by the rally version, but still have unrestricted suitability for everyday use as well. about the safety and quality of a modern mass-produced vehicle. the Ford Focus RS is the beginning of a new series of high-performance vehicles made ​​by Ford. "

The new performance - age

The text could have been today, Ford announced it at the auto show in Detroit in January 2015, the beginning of a " performance - age" at. By 2020, the company wants to bring twelve sporty models on the market. The Mustang Shelby GT350R, the sports Pick-up F-150 Raptor and the new edition of the legendary GT supercar, the 2016 will come on the market: On the US fair three world premieres were presented as well. Moreover, were the little Fiesta ST and the larger Focus ST romp at the fair show stage yet.

Sports car with increase in demand

The reason for the many new sports models: the demand for " performance " vehicles is growing, according to Ford on global steadily. In Europe alone, this segment had recorded an increase in demand by about 14 percent since 2009, in the US there were even proud 70 percent over the same period.

Ford Focus RS of the third generation

And blow by blow it continues: just been unveiled at the site of the Ford plant in Cologne-Niehl the new Ford Focus RS. The now third generation Focus RS was therefore presented there, because here the production of the first "RS " model at all ?? Ford Taunus 15M RS ?? Started in 1967, so 48 years ago. It does the abbreviation "RS ", which used to be " rallying " meant now for particularly dynamic vehicles that have also taken a leading role as a technology support over the years.

Dignified backdrop: Historic RS models

Therefore, in the current RS presentation was history too: Presenting the new enthusiastic fans came with their older RS-models in a special area of the Ford plant site.

Also present: Ripe killer Ken Block

For the presentation of the 2015er model is also no less than joined Ken Block. The rally champion, top-Reif killers and head of the firm Hoonigan Racing Division drove known with a Ford Fiesta few races in the World Rally Cross World Cup 2014. Block, who acted as the only non - Ford Angesteller in the development of the new vehicle as a consultant, ran a still camouflaged Focus RS in the workshop, put a small drift back and put the car in front.

fantastic grip

When asked what was the most important in his work, block told us. "I have years persuaded of them, that they bring a four-wheel drive And now assist in the vote, was great and I can say that car has one. fantastic grip. " Production is finally until the end of 2015. However, the work would still persist. Ford Europe boss Jim Farley added that the new Focus RS will be built at the plant in Saarlouis, not only for the German market, but for the whole world. And the vice president for global product development, Raj Nair was confident: "Despite his muscular design of the new Focus RS is a car that you can drive every day as a normal everyday car."

Four-wheel drive plus Torque Vectoring

The all-wheel drive is probably the most sensational novelty in terms of technology. The system is based on two electronically controlled clutch packs on the rear axle. They automatically distribute the torque depending on driving conditions between front and rear axles. You can install up to 70 percent of the drive torque is transmitted to the rear. Also, the power distribution between the left and right can change the system. Thus, the power can be concentrated on the outside wheel in sharp curves. This torque vectoring will greatly improve the handling. In addition, the RS has a sporty tuning with stiffer springs and stiffer anti-roll bars and other dampers that switch between two curves and of the buttons. For the force makes the new Focus RS is a 2.3 - liter turbo gasoline engine, the basic design of the new Ford Mustang comes EcoBoost 2.3. In RS, the four-cylinder but not 314, but " well over 320 hp " ?? Description of the property does not Ford. Moreover, prices have not yet been notified.

First Focus RS from 2001 with 220 hp

The first Focus RS was built from 2001 in Saarlouis plant in a limited edition ( 4,501 copies worldwide, approximately 1,000 units for Germany ) and had an output of 220 hp and a maximum torque of 320 Newton meters. They came from a 2.0 - liter Duratec engine, which has been associated with a Garrett turbocharger, together with intercooling busy. Such wings, the front-wheel drive accelerated in 6.7 seconds from zero to 100 km / h and its top speed was 225 km / h. The transmission had five gears and the clutch was a special version of AP Racing. This means the power came on the road, the car had a ATB differential on the front axle.

Second - generation RS from 2008/2009

In the summer of 2008, Ford introduced at the Auto Show in London, the second generation of the Focus RS, which went into production in 2009. Originally limited to 7,000 copies, the production of the Focus RS was later increased to 11,000 vehicles.

Generation with two 305 hp

In a test car News wrote in March 2009: " The 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine under the hood of the test car makes 305 hp He generates a maximum torque of 440 Newton meters, which bears 2300-4500 Tours The wide rpm range occurs. . all the intermediate sprints benefit on the twisty test route. 5.9 seconds pass before 100 km / h are achieved. the top speed is 263 km / h. " The cylinder number of the Focus RS was increased from four to five. Again, only the front axle has been driven, but at least there were now six paces, he wanted to be turned on for sporting progress.

And how does the new one?

The first seat fitting at the world premiere of the new Ford Focus RS Ford plant in Cologne was ever promising. Since we are certainly looking forward to the first exit to the new super - Ford . ( Ph)