Now knallt`s for Porsche

Brussels ( Belgium), December 3, 2014

Twelve new models took the crash test experts EuroNCAP ( European New Car Assessment Programme) under the microscope. Seven times the testers were awarded the full five stars. Four times it was four star and only one slips up with a three-star result. In addition, was tested with the Macan for the first time in the history of EuroNCAP a Porsche.

Five stars for the middle class and SUVs

The five-star ranks of the newly tested consists of Kia Sorento SUVs, Porsche Macan, Land Rover Discovery Sport and Lexus NX. For the middle class go in the future of the Ford Mondeo, the VW Passat and the Subaru Outback with five stars at the start. Other vehicles managed in this crash test run not to reach the maximum rating.

Small cars reach four stars

In the small car, the new Opel Corsa, the Mini Cooper and the new Smart Fortwo and Forfour models were tested. All four vehicles arrived only four stars. Although the Corsa has to be content with only four stars, wins the small car this year with the built-in "Side Blind Spot Assistance ", a Blind Spot Warner, a " Euro NCAP Advanced Reward". The special prize draw every year from promising innovations in the field of security systems.

Dacia patzt

The only test specimen with a three-star rating was a Romanian in this test run. The compact Van Dacia Logan MCV thus protects the driver's chest and the feet spotty. In addition, the lack of security systems for poor performance contribute.

Frontal crash safety system to check

Is tested included the frontal impact at 64 km / h on a deformable barrier. This test corresponds to the most common type of accident: frontal, but slightly offset collision with another car of similar mass. The simulation of a side collision in the accident on the driver's side, another barrier test is performed. About a quarter of severe accidents in Europe date back to the impact on a lantern or a tree after a spin cycle. This is tested by the side pole impact. In this case, the car is pushed laterally at 29 km / h into a fixed pole. The effect of a collision on the neck of the occupants is tested. In addition, the safety of children in various seats and pedestrian protection are tested. The equipment with safety systems also flows into the overall standings. (ml)