BMW 5er Security

The presented end of 2005 BMW 5 Series Security completes the portfolio of BMW security vehicles, the BMW 760Li/745Li included to date High Security and the BMW X5 Security from. Both BMW 7 Series models are among the high-security vehicles and feature the highest offered ballistic protection level B6/B7. The security vehicles BMW X5 Security and the new BMW 5 Series Security meet the requirements of the ballistic protection level B4. As armor material (aramid, polyethylene) and special steel used in the body area high-fiber composites. The disc area approximately 21 mm thick glass is installed. The armored glass is covered with a polycarbonate layer to give the occupant extra splinter protection. The BMW 5 Series Security is offered in two versions: the BMW 550i with an eight-cylinder engine developing 367 hp, as well as the BMW 530i with its 258-hp six-cylinder engine. The BMW 5 Series Security, like all security and high-security vehicles, BMW has almost all passive safety attributes of the standard models, which makes it one of the safest sedans - even in the event of an accident.