New small car for Europe Sweet was yesterday

Sweet was yesterday

For a long time put the manufacturers in their micro and small cars on the baby schema. That's passé. Today, even small cars want to be serious and mature. In this case, however, sadness is not announced as the new Little unable to show at the Geneva Salon.

Oh how cute! And the beautiful big eyes! Many women melted down in 1992 at the launch of the first generation Renault Twingo almost there. But lie between the new third generation and the first model of the French ladies favorite not only more than 20 years, but also for some time been increasingly accentuating stylistic rethink. No longer will the designers of automotive vehicles dwarfs drawn after baby pattern with guaranteed puppies protective effect, but there are almost grown up looking cars - just in bonsai format - on the market. There are many amenities available and modern infotainment systems.

Two micro vehicles a particular focus of this year's Geneva Motor Show: The collaboration between Citroen, Peugeot and Toyota again launched, debuting in the summer of triplets C1, Peugeot 108 and Toyota Aygo and Renault Twingo An incoming in September.

The second generation of 3.46 meters short triple Stadtflitzer adopt more colorful and more spacious than before. The boot capacity has been enlarged slightly ( C1: 196 liters), extends the driver's seat adjustment. Remained unchanged, unfortunately, that the steering wheel only in height, but can not be adjusted in depth. The triplets offered both as a three or five-door hatchback now differ externally more of each other, which gives C1 rather cuddly, the 108 cited quite seriously the bigger brothers 208 and 308 and Aygo moves thanks to a striking front and rear design against especially exalted. Common to all is the range of individualisation options. There are the usual ingredients such as various, sometimes very colorful exterior paints, plus contrasting roofs and colorful interior applications.

© SP-X/Matthias KnödlerDas boot volume was slightly increased ( C1: 196 liters), extends the driver's seat adjustment.   For the first time cloth convertible top versions can be ordered. Of course an additional cost and not for the presumably offered at prices below EUR 10,000 base models. The aim is increasingly to address not only the price-sensitive buyers. Customers appreciate the advantages of a very compact design and the small turning circle of 9.60 meters in city traffic, without sacrificing on comfort and amenities, are in focus. So also modern infotainment systems are available as they are known from the respective larger siblings for the three models. The range of engines is, however, clear. The already known from the previous generation gasoline engine with 50 kW/68 hp carries out his services again. For the French, there is the 60 kW/82 hp petrol used.

The days when the Twingo has a radio with cassette was an expression of modern technology, are long gone. Apps for navigation can be integrated, for example, also can be the little one with the multimedia system Renault R-Link order including online connection. Also great the theme individualization is written. At 3.59 meters long Twingo allow a cheerful color palette, contrasting colors for exterior mirror housings and the trims on the vehicle flanks and on the radiator grille, various 15 - and 16-inch alloy wheels and of course - very Twingo tradition - a large, far in the rear reaching Faltschiebedach composing the own favorite. In addition, the brother of the (re) sets next four-seater Smart with large headlights and turn signals and LED daytime running lights round accents and thus also cites the design language of the first generation, but without falling into the " candy trap". In addition, the Frenchman convinced with good space. For the propulsion Renault offers two three-cylinder gasoline engine with 51 kW/70 hp and 66 kW/90 hp. The latter fulfills the Euro 6 emissions standard. Thanks to the rear-wheel drive available only as a five-door Twingo has a very small turning circle of 8.65 meters.

Also exclusively as a five-door hatchback occurs in autumn on the new Suzuki Celerio. The 3.60-meter-long Japanese is located between Alto and Splash, and has drawn quite conservative compared to the competition, forfeit to flashy extras. He relies on internal values ​​, here, above all, good space, large boot ( 254 liters) and customers who value economical engines. The newly developed three-cylinder engine with 50 kW/68 hp consumes on average 3.5 liters ( CO2 dioxide emissions: 85 g / km). Prices have not been announced, but certainly the Celerio will be significantly below the 10,000 - euro mark.

Of course, the already established competition leaves among the smallest individualization artists the new without a fight the business. Fiat sets with the special model 500 Cult and provides den190 bhp Abarth 695 biposto before, Opel brings SUV-like Adam Rocks and the Lancia Y sweetens the customers the 2016 upcoming departure of the brand outside of Italy by the chic-equipped special models Elefantino and Elle.