KIA strives for higher

Hair, 30 June 2016

That the Hyundai-Kia group is ambitious, you know. Like the four-size car manufacturers in the world also in Europe would offer cars of higher classes. Since Korean cars but in this country is still rather have a cheap image, feared a commercial failure so far. But now, a mid-size car is apparently tested. Our Erlkönig photographer got first the test vehicle in several ways at various locations in Europe and in different camouflage.

A five-door hatchback, à la Audi A7 or BMW 5 series GT

The newbie by KIA is similar with its sloping roof the Audi A7 or the BMW 5 series Gran Turismo. You can consume the KIA novice with the somewhat vague term Gran Turismo if it is a sporty design, but travel-grade car. Here still five - and four-door can be according to the function are different: such are A7, BMW 5 series GT and Porsche Panamera all Audi five-door hatchback with big rear hatch, while the Mercedes CLS Coupé and BMW four-door Coupé 6 series Gran with a small trunk lid. If one goes to the body shape, the photographed prototype rather belongs to the species of five-door.

Pursued his GT plan Schreyer?

A five-door sport sedan of this type was KIA 2011 at the IAA. The 4.69-meter study called GT should have rear-wheel drive. "When a rear-wheel drive layout, completely different proportions are possible", the former KIA Chief Designer Peter Schreyer 2011 left quote. Today, Schreyer (who previously designed the first TT Audi) directs the design at the group level. He cooperates with another designer legend, who also has roots in the VW Group: Luc Donckerwolke, the father of the Lamborghini Gallardo. The twelve years younger Donckerwolcke to Schreyer from 2017 to replace, if the rumor mill is right. Then, the 51 Belgian would unveil the new Kia, which will be in the year 2018 on the market.

So far is in the Middle

The tested car should include at least in the upper middle class. So far, the KIA range in Germany ends Optima, which will be soon as combined with the mid-size sedan. In Korea, however, also limousine (KIA K7) upper middle class and the upper class (K9) are offered. In the United States called this cadenza (equivalent to the K7) and K900 (K9). The Koreans took failures such as Lexus LS, Infiniti Q70, Honda accord or Citroën C6 as scare stories concerning Europe and Germany. Partner brand Hyundai offers the Genesis (equivalent to the K7), sold him but only in homeopathic doses. It would be a surprise if the new Kia would evolve into the mega-seller. But the KIA slogan Yes "the power to surprise." (sl)