Ford Fiesta: the prices

Cologne, 13 March 2017

Since 1976, Ford has built more than 15 million copies of the Fiesta. An important model for the brand that comes in the July 2017 in the eighth generation in the market. It is already known, what the small car will cost. This show two things: the Ford Fiesta mutated finally to full-fledged Erstwagen alternative, also there were never so many different variants.

More length, same wheelbase

Go to market first with the 'classical' Fiesta as a three and five-door hatchback in three different trim levels. In the autumn of 2017 the sporty ST-line and the noble Vignale the programme complement, marriage in the spring of 2018 active crossover look and the 200 HP strong ST round off the offer. But we begin first of all once very essential: the Fiesta number eight grows to seven centimetres now 4.04 m. There more 1.3 centimeters in width, the wheelbase remains virtually the same.

Get started with 70 HP

A plus is to announce even at the base price: a Ford at least 12.950 euros Fiesta in the future, an increase of 450 euro compared to the previous model. However, there are now instead of 60 HP 70 horsepower. Who better than five-door hatchback has his Fiesta, must shell out extra 800 euro. At the suction petrol engines with capacity 1.1 litres and 70 or 85 HP, Ford the clientele leaves the choice: who needs a start stop system, must pay 200 euros. Here always, a five speed gearbox is fitted as standard. Six gears and start-stop is standard in the two turbo engines with 100 and 125 HP. A six speed automatic transmission is available for the weaker engine, the extra cost is 1,650 euros. Who would rather have a diesel under the hood (it will be a minority in this segment) can decide between two 1.5 liter engines with 85 and 120 HP.

The Center makes it

As so often when small car, the base version is more a shill for the low price. At the Fiesta is "Trend" and includes a lane keeping Assistant, a Bluetooth interface and two USB ports, but neither radio nor air conditioning though. In the package, both tools cost an additional 1,000 euros. Therefore, the handle makes medium-sized facilities "cool & connect" sense. For nearly 2,000 euros more, there is the air conditioning, but also Park beeper back and a 6.5 inch touch screen with voice-controlled Infotainment system, including integration of app. About half of all sales at the previous Fiesta accounted for the top facilities of titanium. For again 1,100 EUR more Ford sport seats incorporates here as standard front, but also 16-inch alus, LED taillights and chrome decor in the area of the side Windows. Still a fun puts on it from fall 2017 the Fiesta Vignale with more optic tinsel, 18-inch and special leather upholstery.

Technology at the Fiesta

Already without Vignale can prepare the Fiesta on a large scale. Almost 20 equipment packages are available, some of them even for the basic version, what is positive to note. Speaking of Base: there are the two most powerful engines exclusively as "Titanium". Then serves 19.400 EUR (125-Horsepower gasoline engine) and 20,800 euros (120-Horsepower diesel). Noteworthy are two optional packages: for 600 euros, "Safety II" includes an adaptive cruise control, a high-beam Assistant and a traffic sign recognition. In the winter package, there is a heated front windscreen, as well as heat for front seats and steering wheel for 500 euro.

Priced competitive class

Is the new Ford Fiesta of competitors in terms of pricing fire under the butt? Air conditioning anyway, even with the small cars of other manufacturers is not among the standard equipment on the base. Once again for the record: the costs cheapest Fiesta 12.950 euros. The three-door Opel Corsa is good one of thousands of cheaper VW 70 HP would like to see for a three-door Polo with a 60 HP performance 12,750 euro. The Hyundai i20 can await you with five doors from the factory. Here starts the basic model with 75 Horsepower at 12,200 euros. (rh)