Five stars from the Polo to the XC60 – but there are differences

Brussels, 9. November 2017

From a journalistic point of view, it is a bit boring, but the car buyer can look forward to: in The latest EuroNCAP crash test, all models were given the maximum rating. Seven SUVs and a small car were investigated: the Volvo XC60, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, the Skoda Karoq, the VW T-Roc, the Opel Crossland X, the Citroën C3 Aircross, the Seat of Arona and the new VW Polo. All were from large XC60 to the small VW Polo, five stars. To avoid misunderstandings: This is not to say that all are equally safe, because heavier vehicles are in a collision due to physical reasons, safer than lighter.

Special praise for the Volvo XC60

But apart from that, there are differences. A special praise to the all-new Volvo XC60. It the testers classify as the "best all-around Performer" of the year 2017. He cuts as good as the 2015 tested XC90. With an almost perfect score of 98 percent for protection of adult occupants, and a large number of driver assistance systems, the car demonstrates a lot of security in today's Top-End models is possible, according to EuroNCAP.

A lot of good small cars

But also that of the VW Polo, there are only Positive things to say: He is the latest in the series of very safe, new small car, the Nissan Micra, the Ford Fiesta to Seat Ibiza. All offer a great number of assistance systems, including a standard emergency braking system. The Seat of Arona, which is based on the same Basis as the Ibiza (the subcompact version of the Modular transverse matrix, MQB-A0), has the same safety features as this and receives the top rating of five stars.

Next year, more stringent ratings

EuroNCAP-in-chief Michiel van Ratingen to the conclusion: "of course It is great to see that brands such as Volvo to build cars that get in a few test areas, almost the best grade, and also shows why EuroNCAP constantly its requirements, it must adapt. Next year there will be new Tests and even more stringent requirements for five stars." Therefore, now with five stars awarded marks may be happy to be still in the enjoyment of the old scoring rules come 2018 there will be made the cars harder to create the same.

When will the Clio for sure?

"But it is the in large quantities-selling volume models," says van Ratingen, "the influence of traffic safety in the future, really. Manufacturers such as Nissan, Ford, Seat and VW must be congratulated that they have democratized the security by make in your small high tech car-wizard available. We expect Renault, Clio in the European sales in this Segment, the example will soon follow." The current Clio Generation has been tested in the start of the year 2012 last, and received at the time, five star – in the meanwhile, multiple stringent standards, the rating would probably be worse.

Emergency braking system not a standard

Also, the VW T-Roc, the Skoda Karoq and the soon to launch Mitsubishi Eclipse is Cross achieve all good results in all areas. An emergency braking system is here but not everywhere series: The Opel Crossland X and on the same platform-based Citroën C3 Aircross offer, it is only optional, but the other wizard, and fight for their five-star. Your model was? Then you wait until the end of November 2017. Then EuroNCAP wants to publish the next set of crash tests.(sl)