Everything you need to know about the new VW Touareg

Hamburg, 23. March 2018

The new Touareg next to me is still covered with a large cloth. Many people already know what he looks like, because Volkswagen's advertising at the end of last year, when the official shots of a few rogue stick erlkönig photo count was caught off guard. But for the solemnity of the Moment, of course it is better if you have something to reveal. As the sheets flutter short time later, all of the sheet metal, so there is a familiar sight. Firstly, Because you have seen him already. Secondly, Because he looks exactly like a new Touareg. VW should grieve not, therefore, be: Design is this car safe is important, but the decisive factor is something else: The new Touareg is the most technologically sophisticated Volkswagen of all time. And the new Display/Infotainment/control concept is bound to provide in the luxury-class standards.

Eight inches longer

In front of the big high-tech Show but the Basics, please. And it's just that we don't get us wrong: of Course, VWs has become the new chief SUV is a stately and handsome fellow. Clearly, you can see here a bit of Passat, a bit of Arteon, but more powerful, more precious somehow. The Front has more chrome than a 50s Cadillac and alone by this, the GRILL can remember the car more presence and Prestige than any other VW I have in me. In addition, the designers have not dealt with all of the new lines and beading so that it is possible to look at him, his Opulence of almost 4.90 meters not so right. Yes, of course, the new Touareg has grown strongly again: At virtually the same wheelbase to 4.88 metres in length (plus 77 mm) and 1.98 metres wide (plus 44 mm). The roof sits for the purpose of beauty seven millimetres lower than in the past. Why not bigger? The platform brothers, the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Bentayga and the Lamborghini Urus are all a whole corner of lush. "We don't have to be the Biggest. The customers are finding it just as well and the wheelbase we are on a par with the Cayenne," says series Director Prof. Dr. Stefan pour. "We also need to bring a third-row seat, the Touareg remains a five-seater."

Lighter and more spacious

A five-seater with an absolutely monstrous trunk, mind you. Also thanks to the new MLB platform (Modular Longitudinal platform) with their less bulky (less off-road-heavy) rear axle, the engineers found additional 113 liters. 810 litres are now available. Prior to the folding of up to 160 mm movable, and up to 21 degrees tiltable rear seat, of course. The space in the rear was before, no Problem. Now there is a little bit more. A further advantage of the large group-base: Touareg body can now consist entirely of high-strength steels and aluminum (48 percent). That alone saves 106 pounds. Up to 130, it should be depending on the equipment overall. A propperer Ü Two-ton remains of the Touareg but still.

A lot of technology for the dynamics

However, one should feel when Driving it. "My personal Highlight is called" Gies the progress made in driving dynamics. Like its more expensive series siblings, SQ7, Cayenne, and co., the new Touareg can now adorn also with exquisite chassis-high-tech from the group shelf. The electro-mechanical active roll stabilization and its 48-Volt on-Board network (in the case of VW with the beautiful name eWAS) is just as much as a rear-wheel steering and a revised air suspension. The former is effected with electrically controllable stabilizers in XXL-group-SUVs wonders. As an Audi SQ7 or a Bentley Bentayga, both after all, almost 2.4 tons in weight, without noticeable Roll pop by the curve, which is already a big Sport (in the truest sense of the word). How agile and direct all it is, is also very remarkable. The rear-wheel steering. They shrink the turning circle of the big Touareg in a pretty small 11,20 meters.

Off-road loses priority

On a new Form of dynamics in the future Touareg will be allowed to customers so happy. At least, if you have gripped before, deep in the pocket, because all the above-mentioned technology Goodies cost extra. For all the curve greed, above all, the comfort is decisive, however, says Gies. The transformation from dirt-spattered off-roader to a nobel-elegant flatterer is progressing. A real off-road package with Locking and reduction will no longer exist, therefore, it was easy to order. The usual all-terrain driving modes have to be enough. Might help also the air suspension, the can screws off-road to up to 70 mm upwards. But even with the standard steel suspension, the new Touareg delivers is still quite usable terrain: The ground clearance is 220 mm, the fording depth is 500 mm and the ramps and slope angle at 18.5 or 25 degrees.

Plug-in Hybrid will come later. Maybe

Engines the third Touareg Generation, of course. At VW these days is a touchy subject. To Start, there will be two three-liter V6 Diesel with 231 HP/500 Newton-meters and 286 horsepower/600 Newton meters. Both are of course Euro-6d-Temp-fit. On the petrol side, there is also a 3.0-Liter V6. He comes in at 340 HP and 450 Newton meters. A little later, the 4.0-litre V8-Mega-Diesel follows, because we already know from the Audi SQ7, and Bentley's Bentayga. 421 HP and 900 Newton meters should also have the most serious hanger flying. How do I get it? Now, because of the Touareg in this country is the undisputed tractor-King. 60 percent of customers order a trailer coupling. Horse-riding tournaments, it usually looks more Touareg as a grotesque-shaped hats. The retention of the 3.5 tonnes of trailer load was so absolute obligation. Therefore, it is difficult in the upper floors, even just a little with the fourth motorization: The four-cylinder Plug-in Hybrid with 367 HP system power will initially be offered only in China, where the Trailer plays no role. If and when he comes to Europe, is still open. It is clear, however, that all of the Touareg are fitted with a permanent four-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic.

XXL Screen of the new extent

And in order finally to what felt like a gala the number of the new Volkswagen flagship. I mean, of course, his new "Innovision Cockpit". Well, as standard you get analog instruments and VWs known 9.2-inch sat-NAV, but you will not want when they see the new Run, the in-dash sits like a IMAX screen. VW combined here for the first time, his twelve-inch Digital Cockpit with a new 15(!)-Inch Infotainment System to a single massive giant Screen. Something bigger you will currently find nowhere else. Clearly, Tesla's big-screen TV is a little more monumental, but it is not integrated. Nearly three years in the HMI Designer Mathias Kuhn and his Team have worked on the Monster. When I ask him if we would see the System at some point in a Passat or Golf, he needs to smile: "Well not in this Form. This would of course be a rather difficult." Shame really, because after a few minutes playing with Wolfsburg's new Super-screen in me and my thoughts of absolute Unity: pretty Damn impressive, the thing.

User-configurable Infotainment

Clearly, the relationship to VWs previous Top-Navi is visually and haptically felt. But the new part can hold much more. As is the case with my Smartphone (I know, it sounds corny) I can configure my gigantic Homescreen now completely free. And by "completely free" I mean completely free. In various Strips and tiles, I can the for the and forth how I want it. This car is irritating a lot of functions, believe me, but somehow the clever Infotainment have done it-people that you can keep track. And because the screen is so incredibly huge, we hit the virtual knobs, buttons and switches even if you don't have a pin-Finger. Of course, the new Touareg is always online, has a self-learning Navi, Touch, Gestures, or language (not so free as Siri, Alexa, or Daimler's new MBUX, by the way), and so on and so forth.

Complete Crosslinking

Everything that has made VW one of its Mega-Displays around, is advised by the way, very chic. Felt it when one or the other Material, even a small respect to the distance to the Q7, but with all the leather, aluminum, open-pored wood and the large-scale atmosphere-light with 30 colors of the new Touareg looks really fine. There is also a a 1.27-Meter-long glass roof, and two firsts in the Form of a pneumatic massaging front seats and a Head-up Display. Which brings us seamlessly to the assistance systems, where the Large SUV is now up-to-date. In clear text this means: Up to 60 km/h the car is, in principle, of alone. Active cruise control, lane guidance, lane-changing assistant, intersection assistant (now the side), Park assist, trailer assist – everything is possible. The Management of all functions, also the driving dynamics, a new, very smart Central control device. How smart this thing is, it shows quite well on the networking of the new night view assist headlamps with the new camera-controlled LED Matrix. Night Vision" people in a potential danger area, "they are lights from the LED briefly flashes and marked, so you can see it in the instrument display better.

Starting In June Of 2018

You remember it: VW has given up on his third Touareg very much trouble him with the technology crammed, the need to shy away from currently, is no comparison. If he moves now like VW and all the mistaken new systems promise, then for sure is the so far, nearly a Million copies sold, one or the other. The market launch takes place at the end of June 2018. The prices are not fixed yet. The current model starts with a 204-HP Diesel in 54.700 Euro.(sw)