EuroNCAP: Nine new cars in the crash test

Brussels (Belgium), 6. September 2017

These results are always eagerly awaited. Both the manufacturers as well as customers are interested in, as well current Auto news in a crash test conducted by the European testing organization EuroNCAP cut off. Now, the September results for nine vehicles are out. The following models were intentionally destroyed: Ford Fiesta, Jeep Compass, Kia Picanto, Kia Rio, Mazda CX-5, Mercedes C-class Cabriolet, Opel Grand country X, the Opel Ampera-e and the Renault Koleos.

Goof during a side impact

Striking were the collision according to EuroNCAP, in the current test series, certain weaknesses in the side. When you Crash against a pile was found, the Dummy in the Jeep Compass is an increased risk of injury in the chest area. It is emphasized, however, that the risk is below what would rate EuroNCAP as an "unacceptably high risk of life-threatening injury".

Criticism of Opel

In a side crash test with a barrier and touched the head of a dummy that is supposed to represent in this case a ten-year-old girl in the Mercedes C-class Cabrio the roof frame. Reason: The side airbag did not cover the entire area of impact. Both the Jeep as well as the Mercedes but with the highest rating of five stars. The same applies to the Ford Fiesta, the Mazda CX-5, the Opel Grand country X and the Renault Koleos. Four stars for the Opel Ampera-e. Here, there is criticism that Opel has saved the seat-belt warning for the rear seats, the new Insignia it is the same.

How much security is standard?

Three stars of the Kia Picanto and the Kia Rio had to be content. The reasons are less of a General uncertainty of the car body. Rather, EuroNCAP pays attention increasingly on assistance systems for accident avoidance. In addition, only the in of the entire series standard safety equipment rating. Anyone offering like the Kia more safety technology as an optional package, you can get a post test with these additional facilities, provided that in the first three years of Sale, at least 25 percent of the vehicles with the Extra equipment ordered. EuroNCAP stressed that including these facilities, both Kia models are also four or five stars can get. The exact results of all nine models tested, you can find in our picture gallery.(rh)