Car sales september: min 16.7 percent

For the first time this year the monthly sales of new cars are lower than in the same month last year. Just no thirty thousand brand new cars were an owner. A decline of 16.7 percent in comparison with september 2017. In september received 29 For the first time this year, the nieuwregistraties thus lower than that of last year in the same period. The final introduction of the WLTP has a finger in the porridge. In August were by importers thousands of additional cars registered because they are otherwise unmarketable should be. Cars made before 1 september registered were allowed by the old regulations will be sold. Each brand had its own strategic plan, which lists best-selling brands and models by september 2018 look different than in previous months. Where Volkswagen was previously the upper hand in the inventory, is the brand now in the top 5. The Wolfsburgers, with the seventh place. Also the previously popular Volkswagen Polo is last month not in the top five most-sold cars to be found. In August registered Volkswagen extra a lot of cars. Opel, with a market share of 10.5 percent at the top of the list of popular car brands. In total appeared 3 BMW is at number two with 2.091 copies, followed by Peugeot, Kia and Toyota. In the list of models we find as usual a lot of compact cars. The Opel Karl is with 1.283 pieces proudly at the top. Particular is the Tesla Model S which is on the second place. In total, 1.052 Models S new number plates fitted in september. In the first few months are going to be 3.376 copies. A substantial increase in one month of Electric cars or after January 1, 2019 to be registered, pay on the amount above € 50,000 i.e. the regular tax liability. A great stimulus for leaserijders so to make this year a Model S to drive. The Model X sold Tesla last month, 593 pieces. If we look at the overall sales of car brands in the first nine months of this year, Tesla is on the 22nd place between Mini and Dacia. The Kia Picanto, Peugeot 108 and Ford Fiesta close to the top five most popular models of september. The extensive sales and analysis are presented in AutoWeek 41, 10 October.