A compact SUV with 5 + 2 seats

Gaydon ( England ), September 3, 2014

In German Land Rover dealers a new addition will be encountered from 28 February 2015: The Discovery Sport is the first in a new Discovery family, which will in future grow to other models. More than enough reason for us to take the new compact SUV in the Land Rover development wrought in Gaydon under the microscope.

amazingly compact

A question arises at the first sighting immediately: "The car should really be only 4.59 meters long? " Is he confirmed Land Rover design chief Gerry McGovern. The incredible feature: The new addition is four inches shorter than an Audi Q5 and even six inches shorter than a BMW X3. Nevertheless, there are for the Discovery Sport option on seven seats. How this is done and what is still in the new family member, we want to know exactly the future Freelander replacement has aroused our interest.

A close look into the vehicle architecture

The architecture of the front end shares the new Land Rover with the Range Rover Evoque. From the B - pillar then the newly developed platform of Discovery Sport begins. So wheelbase and overall length compared to the Evoque grow to eight inches. The body consists of a metal mix. Steel was combined with lightweight aluminum and the cross member of the vehicle are made of magnesium. This provides an easy platform with simultaneously high torsional stiffness.

New rear axle

At the rear, the debut of a new and compact multi-link suspension. The newcomer is also equipped with a large spring travel, a wheel articulation of 340 mm and with an optional magnetic suspension ( " Adaptive Dynamics Magne Ride" ). Specifically, the metal particles in the damper oil working suspension system is unique in this vehicle segment. It aims to ensure lightning-fast adjustment of the dampers to the road conditions at a high level of comfort, otherwise known rather from higher-priced vehicles. Furthermore, the compact design of the new rear axle the key to actually incompatible goals: seven seats at just 4.59 meters length of the vehicle.

With theater seating

We take on the theater seating the wearer's body space ( theater style because the rear row of seats two inches higher than the front ), stating: The interior is airy despite its compact vehicle dimensions and not cramped. A plus is that can the rear seats from the SE trim level (there are the Special Features S, SE, HSE and HSE Luxury) individually move and tilt. The third-row seats do not even notice first, and will in future not even notice reiterates McGovern. She is a level on the trunk floor sunk. The boot capacity is, whether the Discovery Sport is ordered with or without the addition of seats, always the same size from 829 to 981 liters ( depending on the setting of the rear seats ).

Fit for the road

For the safety of road traffic you get tied an entire bouquet of technological features. In addition to a pedestrian airbag and a newly developed high-definition surround camera system, there are parks, high beam and low lane departure. A traffic sign recognition, a collision warning system with camera-aided emergency brake assist and a blind-spot warning system are also on board. Full program and in the electronic linkage of Car and Driver: The smartphone can be coupled with the eight - inch touch screen and connects appropriate smartphone apps with the vehicle. The main vehicle data is also projected on a head-up display to the windshield. " State of the art touch screen technology and an intuitive user interface secure the Discovery Sports flexibility and connectivity, today's customers expect," the program director of Land Rover, Paul Cleaver commented.

Fit for off-road use

Despite numerous convenience features, the new Discovery Sport should not lose the typical Land Rover DNA, the off-road capability. The newcomer therefore shows up with a ground clearance of 212 mm, a slope angle of 25 degrees on the front and even 31 degrees at the stern. The ramp angle of 21 degrees and a climbing ability of 45 degrees is another positive statement in this segment. The fording depth of 600 millimeters can be monitored by means of "Wade Sensing": sensors in the wing mirrors to measure water depth and a display on the touch screen informs the pilot about the state of things. In addition, the navigation system can display the terrain, the distance covered, just take it back, or move from one coordination point to another. In general, the Disco has four driving modes: " Normal", " grass / gravel / snow ", " mud " and " sand ". There are also control systems for body roll, stability and traction as well as Hill Descent Control and Engine Drag Torque Control.

four Motors

The entire engine Potpourri is ?? be as the Range Rover Evoque ?? exception of four-cylinder units together. The turbo - diesel SD4 labeled with 190 horsepower from 2.2 liters, the peak power of the diesel engines. They are joined by a 150 - hp variant called TD4 and a completely made ​​out of aluminum two-liter gasoline engine with 240 PS ( Si4 ). Another diesel engine ( ED4 ) will follow during the year 2015. It will complement the engine range downwards and have a CO2 emissions of just 119 grams per kilometer. All engines come with a standard start-stop system. The provided power sufficient for a towing capacity of 2.5 tonnes.

two gear

The power is routed through a six-speed manual or a nine-stage automatic. The closely spaced gears allow a very short translated first switching stage and to improve the pulling power in the middle stages, during the very long translated ninth transition to ensure a low noise level and low consumption with fast drives simultaneously. The gear changes are performed automatically or via shift paddles on the steering wheel.

Three types of drive

As with the transmission choice, the customer in the number of driven wheels discretion: Front wheel drive, permanent all-wheel drive or the so-called " Active Drive Line " solution are available. The latter automatically and automatically alternates between two and four driven wheels.

Competition from Germany?

The new Discovery Sport is apparently a balance between premium SUV and genuine utility vehicle and provides it despite its compact dimensions lots of space. The sports - disco so can an Audi Q5 or BMW X3 offer Paroli. 34,400 euros will cost the entry-level diesel TD4 150 hp and 400 Nm maximum torque. Later, the even smaller diesel called ED4 follows. Then the newcomer only costs 31,900 euro in the base. Such power at such a price, the German competition does not: With at least 35,900 euros, the Q5 Audi is priced. The BMW X3 sets in the base even something extra: 37,200 euros are due to him. In addition, you will be looking at the charge lists of BMW and Audi, the third row of seats in vain . (ml)