Land-Rover Range Rover LRX

Range Rover is synonymous with indestructible SUV 's and SUV's and more impressed with this fact, as with low maintenance costs. To defy this image comes with is with the Range Rover LRX an SUV in the class of Ford Kuga, VW Tiguan and Dacia Stepway at the start, which is to counteract the prejudice of the " drunkard ". No question, the Range Rover LRX is a very different model than the Freelander easy and saves 30 % fuel compared to his brother, a. As a new SUV, the Range Rover LRX also has the diesel hybrid technology and can therefore also a CO2 emission of 120 g / km reach, which is an optimum for an SUV of the middle class. Similarly, the Range Rover LRX can come up with a completely new design of the British, the sportier and cw is optimized on the road. The Range Rover LRX as a 3 - or 5-door available and go poaching in the area of diesel Toyota Land Cruiser, VW Touareg and the Porsche Cayenne or to direct customers to the father of the SUV.