Ferrari LaFerrari

With the Ferrari LaFerrari introduced the luxury carmaker from Italy produced in a limited edition supercar that will penetrate into the realm of Bugatti or Lamborghini. The owner of a Ferrari 500 LaFerrari should have forked out around 1.3 million euros for the sports car and can enjoy the finest technology that has been derived directly from Formula 1. Thus the Ferrari LaFerrari car comes with the KERS technology out of the plant and therefore supports a full-hybrid drive. Ergo comes in addition to the V12 engine with 800 hp and 700 Nm maximum torque of an electric motor is used, which screwed the system performance of the Ferrari LaFerrari to massive 963 horsepower and increases torque to 900 Nm. Thus, the sports car is catapulted in 2.9 seconds from zero to 100, 200 Km / hour in 4 seconds, and it takes just 15 seconds to the Ferrari LaFerrari breaks the 300 km / h mark. Lt. Manufacturer from Maranello is the Vmax at more than 350 km / h, however, the group is silent on the fuel consumption of the super sports car from because as a hybrid car, the Ferrari LaFerrari should be quite thirsty go.