Ferrari F 620

The Ferrari F 620 is a sports car that replaced the 599 GTB getting on in years in 2012. With the new Ferrari F 620 Lamborghini Aventador particularly the gap to be closed. Ferrari F 620 cars was designed in a consistent lightweight construction for this purpose and has a very potent upgraded V12 engine. The design of the sports car is based on the shape of thoroughbred Ferrari FF, which already drew attention to himself as a " family car from Maranello." However, the V12 petrol engine delivers a lot more: it reaches the Ferrari F 620 from the 6.3 - liter 710 hp stately are transferred to the road via an advanced seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The performance of the Ferrari F 620 are thus naturally overwhelming, more than 335 km / h top speed and acceleration, the driver beats the wrinkles in the face are of course a red racer from Italy. In the interior, leather dominates in combination with carbon and also testifies of the sporting attributes of new or used Ferrari F 620th