Ferrari Enzo II

Since the IAA 2011 in Frankfurt, the new Ferrari Enzo II is available as a sports car that bears the founder's name. Meanwhile the second generation of the fastest mass-produced Ferrari draws on current technology from Formula 1. Thus the Ferrari Enzo II is made ‚Äč‚Äčentirely of lightweight hand. As with any racer from Maranello, the engine is the heart of the Ferrari Enzo II cars. Contrary to its predecessor, which was equipped with a V12 naturally aspirated engine, the Ferrari Enzo II is powered by a V8 engine that has duplicate turbocharging a power of 700 hp for the sports car on the road brings. As in the first edition, the Ferrari Enzo has been limited as a new car - built by 400 units is closing, so collectors will have to rely on a Ferrari Enzo II cars. With the sports car of the Italian company wants to compete primarily against pull and Lamborghini Jota Aston Martin Virage and show how quickly a sports car with the stallion may be the emblem.