Lamborghini Silhouette

The Lamborghini Silhouette was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show 1975. Who will you look closely notice that the Lamborghini Silhouette, which was designed by Carrozzeria Bertone, the Urraco looks very similar. In principle, the V8 mid-engine sports car is an evolution of the Urraco, which takes the edgy design of all upcoming Lamborghini anticipated. Was produced from the a 3.0-liter eight-cylinder engine with 250 hp fired Lamborghini Silhouette from 1976 to 1979 in a very small quantity of only 55 copies, of which only about 31 are still existent today. The special features of the Lamborghini Silhouette is the first time in the Italian sports car manufacturer built Targa roof. The sequel to the silhouette is the Lamborghini Jalpa, which was considerably more successful. All who wish to purchase a new or used car should look at this website. Here you will find, among other Italian sports car or a new car of the year, as well as used cars in all varieties, whether as a coupe or convertible.