VW Scirocco #7

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Essen motor show with blue light

Food, 25 November 2016 An Audi R8, a VW Scirocco, a Porsche 911 or a Chevrolet Corvette police car? Highly unlikely in real use. Nevertheless, there are all these vehicles in the law enforcement outfit...

The OPA class: Riders Mercedes B - and GLK-class are the oldest

Munich, 20 June 2016 Drivers of a Mercedes B-class have the highest average age around the age of 56. The ranking of cars with the oldest riders follow the Mercedes GLK, and a number of other SUVs, such...

The 310-HP Golf coming soon

Wolfsburg, 26 April 2016 The countdown has begun: the 35th Wörthersee meeting begins on May 4, 2016. Tens of thousands of GTI fans will celebrate a giant party for the 40th anniversary of the cult athlete...

Blue Light Corvette

Essen, 27 November 2015 An Audi R8 or VW Scirocco as a police car? In real life, highly unlikely. Instead, the failed police car - single pieces are to promote safe tuning. This mission has been since...

40 years Ford Capri II & III Mustang made ​​in Germany

Mustang made ​​in Germany Infinitely long and infinitely masculine was his bonnet. The Ford Capri was the European interpretation of the Mustang. A sensationally successful sports coupe, which in fresh...

VW Scirocco Desert wind with new nose

Desert wind with new nose The athletic brother of the VW Golf is polished again for his second half of life. Above all, technically, because visually only change details. After nearly six years of construction...