Chery QQ

The Chery QQ is a small car of Chinese car manufacturer Chery Automobile Corporation. In China, the small car is an absolute favorite. Sales of over 50,000 units sold per month illustrate the importance of the Chery QQ in China. Since 2003, very similar to the Daewoo Matiz small car in China will be offered. Other big sales countries are Iran and South Africa. In Chile, the small car Chery Chery Sweet IQ and Russia is called. In Europe, the Chery QQ is not available on the new car market, but his successor will be the hit in the low price segment. In collaboration with Chrysler after 2009, the first China-Chrysler be for sale in Europe. The price will be set at 5,000 euros undercut the cheapest car so far offered in Europe, the company Dacia. The Chery A1, as the four-door small car to be called, will have a 1.3 - liter engine and should, according to Chrysler initially prevail on the Eastern European market.