Mitsubishi ASX Instyle

The top model of crossover row forms of Mitsubishi ASX Instyle of the has hip with two motorizations the place deer around the Nissan Qashqai, Dacia Duster and Chevrolet Captiva since the spring the fight. Featuring a lush Place offer, the Can be used an Familienvan justice to, captivates of Mitsubishi ASX Instyle especially with the consumption-optimized motors. The Benzinervariante of the Mitsubishi ASX Instyle is fired by a 1.6-liter big four cylinder engine which delivers 117 hp and can go locker for 180 km / h maximum speed. Thanks to the MIVEC - technology (variable valve strokes and control times) the average consumption of the SUV could be limited to 5.9 liters, what in view of the just under 1.5 tons of the Mitsubishi ASX Instyle represents a very good value. The version with the 1.8-liter DI - D Self-igniter is even more economical designed with a combined consumption of 5.5 liters diesel and convinces with vigorous 150 hp and the resulting top speed of 200 km / h In both models will worked per 6-course-hand circuit and the-wheel drive is integrated in series in the Mitsubishi ASX Instyle. Likewise include air conditioning, Cruise Control, audio navigation and xenon headlights to the workpage equipment of the Mitsubishi ASX Instyle.

Tech details

Year 2010 2010
Body type Station Wagon Station Wagon
Engine Diesel, 1798cm³, 150HP Diesel, 1798cm³, 150HP
Drive permanent all-wheel permanent all-wheel
Gearbox manual manual
Top speed (km/h) 198 198
0 - 100 km/h (s)
10 10
Seats 5 5
Doors 5 5
Emissions CO2 141g/km Euro 5 CO2 146g/km Euro 5
Consumption (l/100km)
6.9 / 5 / 5.7 6.9 / 5 / 5.7
Dimensions (mm)
4300 / 1770 / 1620 4300 / 1770 / 1620
Payload 460kg 419l 460kg 419l
Insurance class 18 HF / 21 TK / 25 VK 18 HF / 21 TK / 25 VK