Brilliance BS4

The design of the 4.65 meter long, four-door loudly Brilliance BS4 springs of the Italian designer Pininfarina, the front a little reminiscent of BMW. Brilliance offers three engines to: The 1.6 - liter gasoline engine with 100 hp and a stronger version with 136 hp come from the collaboration with Mitsubishi. In addition, the Chinese offer a 1.8 - liter petrol engine with turbocharging, which develops 170 hp. He is a Brilliance development, which was realized in cooperation with the FEV GmbH in Aachen. The basic version of the BS4 is the 1.6 Comfort. At a price of 15,990 euros, it offers driver, passenger and side airbags as well as an ABS. In all models, there Brilliance such as air conditioning, power windows, a tilt-adjustable steering wheel and central locking as standard. After the poor performance in crash tests in 2007 about 60 parts of the vehicle have been revised. In March 2009, the revised version of the Brilliance BS4 was subjected to a crash test by ADAC. In the test of occupant protection improvements were observed, however, attests the result of ADAC tests the Chinese people a level of security as it reached ten years ago of similar vehicles, which is sufficient for a Euro NCAP rating in any way. Alternatives to brand vehicles Brilliance such as the Dacia Logan or the Skoda Octavia you can find at this site, the online auto market.