VW T5 Multivan

The VW T5 Multivan is now the 5th generation of the VW bus and provides, as the name already says, represents a multi-functional vehicle that can be used for various purposes (eg, camper, van, car or family van authorities). VW T5 Multivan is built since 2003 and is basically an evolution of its predecessor, the VW T4 Bus. With the 2010 model year, the VW T5 Multivan has been modernized and has been adapted to the model image of the VW Golf, the new Polo or VW Sharan. The engines of the VW T5 Multivan as a new car currently consist of four diesels and two petrol engines : The diesel engines the range T5 Multivan version comes from the 1.9 TDI and 2.0 TDI with 84 hp up to 180 hp VW with bi-turbocharger and 7 Dopelkupplungsgetriebe-speed gearbox (DSG). Also, enjoy the 2.5-liter diesel engines high torque variants with up to 174 hp a very good reputation in the scene of the VW bus. The base gasoline engine is a 2.0-liter 115 hp me, the more powerful variant of the VW T5 Multivan with a V6 and 235 hp from a 3.2 liter displacement. In particular, the TDI engines are often integrated in the VW T5 Multivan and also achieve the sale as used cars higher average prices than the petrol variants.