VW T4 Multivan

The Volkswagen T4 Multivan is a minivan that was sold during the period from 1990 to 2003 by the Wolfsburg-based group as a multifunctional VW bus. Compared to family van 's we the Opel Zafira, Mazda5 or a Mercedes-Benz B-Class features the Volkswagen T4 Multivan a big plus in interior and yet is not as sedate as a van across the street move. In particular, the 1995 facelifted models are enjoying today, fans of Volkswagen T4 Multivan, as the bus since the facelift sprayed much more comfort. In parallel, the TDI engine for the Volkswagen T4 Multivan is available : The 2.5-liter diesel engine provides 102 horsepower and can go very frugal. Who likes the faster, uses the Volkswagen T4 Multivan back as a used car on the VR6 engine, which produces 140 hp. Further still are ready various petrol and naturally aspirated diesel engine for the Volkswagen T4 Multivan, of which the power bracket of 68 to 110 hp. In 1998, joined with another TDI 88 hp in the engine range of the Volkswagen T4 Multivan cars. Even today peopled this VW bus the streets and enjoys a great popularity.